22 Chinese Architecture Firms That Should Be On Your Design Radar

These A+Award winners reinforce China’s identity as a global design powerhouse.

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China is no stranger to architecture accolades. From the Great Wall of China to the Shanghai Tower, the country has always drawn a global audience for its design genius and innovation. Through the years, the A+Awards galleries have featured numerous firms from the country in categories ranging from large-scale urban complexes to the smallest of restaurants.

Architizer’s iconic A+Awards program — now open for entries for its 10th Anniversary Season — has provided a powerful platform for an extraordinary array of talented Chinese firms, each earning their spot in architecture’s enduring ‘hall of fame’ thanks to their groundbreaking projects. For inclusion in next season’s A+Awards editorial features, make sure to submit your projects for consideration:

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As you prepare your entries, get inspired by last year’s winning firms from across China. Armed with the knowledge of traditional design practices, advanced technologies and diverse teams, these firms are promising groundbreaking projects that enhance the lives of the community and forward design thinking.

MAD Architects

Beijing, China | Founded 2004

Yabuli Entrepreneurs’ Congress Center by MAD Architects, Harbin, China 2021 A+Awards Jury Winner Cultural – Hall / Theatre

The studio’s name reflects its approach towards design and architecture. Their futuristic projects challenge the conventional design landscape and open up new conversations about society, interaction and cultural values. Their projects The Cloudscape of Haikou and Yabuli Entrepreneurs’ Congress Center clearly demonstrate their out-of-the-box thinking.

Shanghai United Design Group

Shanghai, China | Established 2001

Dysis Church of Poly Shallow Sea by Shanghai United Design Group, Sanya, China 2021 A+Awards Popular Winner Cultural – Religious Buildings & Memorials

The design group has collaborated with several government agencies and real estate companies over the past two decades to create large-scale commercial, cultural and residential projects. Their team of 4,000 members not only includes architects but also engineers, planners and construction management professionals.

Studio Zhu Pei

Beijing, China | Founded 2005

Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum by Studio Zhu Pei, Jingdezhen, China 2021 A+Awards Jury Winner Cultural – Museum

The studio’s founder Zhu Pei is globally renowned for his innovative museum and gallery designs. His project Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum not only bagged the Jury Award for Museums but was also the Project of the Year at the 2021 A+Awards. His designs are a true exploration of form, material and texture and appear just as artistic as the pieces they house.

Shanghai PTArchitects

Shanghai, China | Founded 2002

China Overseas • Oriental Mansion Sales Center by Shanghai PTArchitects, Ningbo, China 2021 A+Awards Popular Winner Concepts – Plus-Architecture +Landscape

The design firm is part of PT DESIGN and a partner of Australia Porto. Their portfolio mainly includes projects like hotels, urban complexes, industrial buildings and healthcare institutions.

CLOU architects

Beijing, China | Founded 2005

UniFuns Tianfu Chengdu by CLOU architects, Chengdu, China 2021 A+Awards Jury Winner Commercial – Shopping Center

The word CLOU means main attraction. And that is what the firm manages to deliver with every single project. A brainchild of German architect Jan Clostermann, the firm presents a wide-ranging portfolio that comprises everything from mixed-use complexes to exhibition spaces. The firm’s biggest strength is the global nature of its team that helps conceive designs that are unique, modern and interactive.


Shanghai, China | Founded 2011

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge by X-LIVING, Dujiangyan, China 2021 A+Awards Jury Winner Commercial – Retail

The studio has made a lasting impression with its themed, colorful and cinematic designs. Founder Li Xiang’s vision, which is a mix of design, art, fashion and business, has resulted in several awe-inspiring projects like the ​​Hangzhou Neobio Family Park, FAB cinema, Ideas Lab and New Century Magic hotel.


Beijing, China | Established 2009

HeyTown Art Center by META-Project, Beijing, China 2021 A+Awards Jury Winner Details – Plus-Architecture +Metal

Initially founded by Wang Shuo and Zhang Jing in New York City, the firm later moved to Beijing in 2009. The studio focuses on how emerging social and cultural phenomenon in Asian cities are affecting urban lifestyles. Their practice also believes in a multidisciplinary approach with the incorporation of publication, video, art, and exhibitions in their work.

Kris Lin International Design

Shanghai, China | Established 2001

Flow by Kris Lin International Design, Chengdu, China 2021 A+Awards Jury Winner Commercial – Showrooms

Originally from Taipei, architect Kris Lin moved to Shanghai twenty years ago and has been providing comprehensive design services that include architecture, interior design, renovation, construction and landscape planning. Their commercial projects often feature a contemporary language, unconventional forms and luxe finishes.

The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University

Zhejiang, China | Established 1953

Guangsha College Sports Center by The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University, China 2021 A+Awards Popular Winner Sports & Recreation – Stadium / Arena

The studio is the arm of the Zhejiang University that uses the skills of its educators to provide technical support for its design projects. The practice has constantly been redefining the traditional box shape in new and innovative ways, as evidenced in Xiaoshan Innovation Polis • Entrepreneur Valley and Yiwu Cultural Square.


Shanghai, China | Established 2002

​​Yanlord Central Lake by HWCD, Taicang City, China 2021 A+Awards Popular Winner Commercial – Office Building Low Rise (1-4 Floors)

Based in Shanghai, Harmony World Construction and Design also has offices in London and Barcelona, with a collective team of about 800 members. The firm specializes in urban projects like luxury hotels, upscale residences and commercial buildings. Their international nature allows them to conceptualize projects that serve a variety of audiences and sites.

SUP Atelier

Beijing, China | Founded 2011

Tea Leaf Market of Zhuguanlong by SUP Atelier, Ningde, China 2021 A+Awards Popular Winner Details – Plus-Architecture +New Materials

The studio was founded by Prof. Song Yehao at the Tsinghua University School of Architecture to foster sustainable practices and a reinterpretation of vernacular architecture in urban landscapes. The firm uses natural resources, modest techniques and research on local materials to enhance community living.


Chengdu, China | Founded 2015

Bamboo Branch Academy by Archermit, Yibin, China 2021 A+Awards Popular Winner Cultural – Cultural & Expo Centers

The studio champions an Imagist Theory of Architecture and constantly strives to devise spaces that are poetic, evocative and one with nature. Their designs are a contemporary take on traditional Chinese architecture and integrate themselves seamlessly into the site and culture they are located in.


Hangzhou, China | Founded 2018

Jiunvfneg Bubble Pool and Supporting Facilities on Mount Tai by line+, Tai’an, China 2021 A+Awards Popular Winner Hospitality – Spa & Wellness

Meng Fanhao and Zhu Peidong’s firm wants to cross the traditional boundaries of design and look at a more holistic product that combines planning, architecture, interior, landscape, product, among others. Along with their winning project Jiunvfneg Bubble Pool and Supporting Facilities on Mount Tai, their entry Greentown New Times Cover was also a finalist in the 2021 A+Awards.

Moguang Studio

Beijing, China | Founded 2019

The Youth Activity Center by REDe Architects & Moguang Studio, Beijing, China 2021 A+Awards Popular Winner Concepts ​​– Plus-Architecture +Renovation

The word Moguang refers to the folding and unfolding of a fan, a metaphor for their process of conception. The studio’s founders Feng Xin and Li Jiaying believe in finding one point of origin and then expanding it to indefinite lengths and possibilities. Apart from architecture and landscape projects, the firm also creates furniture and exhibitions.


Hangzhou, China | Founded 1998

Yada Theatre by GOA, Jiangsu, China 2021 A+Awards Jury Winner Cultural – Unbuilt Cultural

GOA, which stands for Group of Architects, is an architectural firm with offices in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing. The firm believes in creating architecture that is timeless and integrated within its surroundings. Their projects are often linear or minimal compositions that are contextual and create value for the city they are located in.


Shanghai, China | Founded 2016

Bamboo Bamboo, Canopy and Pavilions, Impression SanjieLiu by LLLab., Guilin, China 2021 A+Awards Jury and Popular Winner Cultural – Pavilions

The international studio is led by Hanxiao Liu, Luís Ricardo, David Correa and Taichi Kuma and also has offices in ​​Porto, Toronto and Stuttgart. The firm designs small-scale interventions that create a sense of community and add to the social life of those around.

China Architecture Design & Research Group (CADG)

Beijing, China | Established 2000

Taiyuan Binhe Sports Center Renovation by China Architecture Design & Research Group (CADG), Taiyuan, China 2021 A+Awards Jury Winner Sports & Recreation – Stadium / Arena

The group is the design arm of China Construction Technology Consulting Co. Ltd. This collection of architects, engineers, urban planners, and consultants has come together with a vision of creating a better world. Along with their winning design Taiyuan Binhe Sports Center Renovation, their project Linfen Shooting Center also gained some limelight for its wooden details.


Beijing, China | Founded 2005

Qkids English Learning Center by Crossboundaries, Xiamen, China 2021 A+Awards Jury Winner Concepts – Plus-Architecture +Learning

What started with founders Hao Dong and Binke Lenhardt and just one employee in Beijing in 2005 has now expanded to a global team with offices in Frankfurt and Berlin. The firm strongly believes in research and collaboration to create projects ranging from automotive production to learning facilities for children. Many of their projects incorporate bright solid colors that inspire creativity and playfulness.

Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM)

Beijing, China | Founded 2007

Daxing Green Hub and Park by Ballistic Architecture Machine, Beijing, China 2021 A+Awards Popular Winner Concepts – Plus-Architecture +Urban Transformation

The architecture and landscape design firm’s tagline is “Nature is an Idea”. With another office in New York, the practice has taken on projects ranging from urban developments to stage sets. Their aim is to integrate nature deeply into the city landscape and reimagine public spaces that are undesigned to improve the lives of locals.

The Design Institute Of Landscape & Architecture China Academy of Art

Hangzhou, China | Founded 1984

City Lounge of Zhongshan Road by The Design Institute Of Landscape & Architecture China Academy of Art Co.,Ltd, Jiaxing, China 2021 A+Awards Popular Winner Institutional – Libraries

The academic nature of the institute helps it conceptualize cutting-edge design while also fostering the goals of the China Academy of Art. Since its inception, the institute has established 15 branches, four field branches, three centers and three workshops. They hope to build on their expertise in oriental art and move towards social innovation in the future.

Jiang & Associates

Shenzhen, China | Established 2004

Chengdu Metro Line 18 by Jiang & Associates, Chengdu, China 2021 A+Awards Popular Winner Transportation – Transport Interiors

Helmed by Frank Jiang, this firm specializes in interior design, especially in the commercial, healthcare, transportation and education sectors. Their project The Oval Shopping Center was a finalist in the 2021 A+Awards finalists hall of fame along with the winning project Chengdu Metro Line 18.

Studio 10

Shenzhen, China | Founded 2017

Hall of Immortality at Longshan Cemetery by Studio 10, Henan, China 2021 A+Awards Jury Winner Cultural – Religious Buildings & Memorials

Studio 10 founder Shi Zhou is known for her use of unconventional forms or playful colors in her projects. The firm has designed luxurious residences like the Vista House as well as more experimental spaces like Dream & Maze.

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