Free: Thousands of 3D Objects for Use in Architectural Renderings

Stop killing yourself modeling furniture for renderings — this site has you covered.

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Photorealistic renderings are increasingly the norm in architecture, but it’s almost heartbreaking how much work they take. Modeling alone takes hours, and that’s only one step of a very intense process. And for really great renderings, it’s not enough to just model the architecture. You have to populate it with bits of ephemera: a coat thrown over a couch, a cup of coffee on the counter and, at the very least, a nice plant in the corner. These things can make or break the image, but they are probably lethal to model. Fortunately, there are free models online to help you out.

The site Archive 3D features a database of thousands of 3D objects available for free download. Most of the objects are meshes in 3DS format and include texture maps, so they are ready to use in 3ds Max and are easily translatable to other programs. Not everything is modeled at the same quality, so it might take a little digging to find something that will work, but among the thousands of options on the site, there’s probably something that fits.

Everything from Barcelona chairs to yachts to lilies to demonic robots are up there, so before you spend any more time modeling a pale imitation of some piece of lighting or furniture, check the site and save yourself some major headaches.

If you have anything to add to the database, it’s very easy to upload your own work. The internet is great for sharing. Why are you still reading this? Just go to and download everything you need now!

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Top image: Cliff Retreat Interior by Alex Hogrefe