Vote Now: 2024 A+Product Awards Finalists Revealed!

This is your chance to influence the outcome of one of the AEC industry’s most celebrated awards programs.

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One of the industry’s biggest votes on design innovation is officially underway — and you’re invited to participate!

The stage is set for the most anticipated phase of the 2024 A+Product Awards, presented by Architizer. This year’s program shines a fresh spotlight on exceptional architectural products, from sustainable materials and smart systems to cutting-edge lighting and contemporary furniture.

The Finalists have been selected, and now it’s up to YOU: Public voting is officially open from now until May 10, 2024, allowing our vibrant global community of architects, designers, and creatives to choose the world’s leading architectural products of the year. This is your chance to influence the outcome of one of the AEC industry’s most celebrated awards programs.

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By participating in the voting process, you are helping to elevate the standards of design and innovation within architecture, landscape architecture and interior design, honoring those who push the boundaries of creativity and functionality.

The nominees are all contenders for a spot in the inaugural A+Products List, which will form a definitive directory of world-class building product manufacturers as a trusted reference for specifying architects. Winners will also receive the coveted custom-designed A+Product Awards trophy and gain extensive global media attention.

Select A+Product Awards Finalists, clockwise from top-left: Obi by Expormim, Lido Freestanding Bathtub by Hydro Systems, RE/8 Bio-circular Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile, LHOV by Elica.

With a striking array of products making the shortlist across 39 diverse categories, the competition is fiercer than ever. Last season’s A+Product Awards Winners included many of the world’s most recognizable names in architectural products, materials, lighting and furniture, including the likes of Cosentino, Bendheim, Formica, Pure + Freeform, Davis Furniture, Nienkamper, Keilhauer, Arper, Landscape Forms, Kohler, Duravit and more.

This season’s vote will decide which of these brands return to the Official Winners’ Gallery for a successive season, and promises to bring visibility to a whole new generation of innovators.

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The Judging Criteria at a Glance

A carefully curated jury of experts from renowned architecture and design firms have already cast their votes for the Jurors Vote Awards. The same judging criteria applies to the Popular Choice Awards; when selecting your preferred products, keep the following factors in consideration:

  • Aesthetics: This criterion evaluates the form, detailing, materiality, and overall visual impact of the product. It considers how well the product integrates with its architectural setting and the user experience it provides. Aesthetics are more crucial in some categories, like Decorative Lighting, compared to others, such as Building Systems.
  • Performance: Performance assesses how effectively a product achieves its designed functions, including the use of innovative materials and enhancements to existing practices. Jurors review the product’s description to understand its development and design goals. Specific performance criteria may apply depending on the category, such as flexibility for the Best Flexible Design Award.
  • Impact: Impact measures a product’s ability to significantly influence building design and construction. Products that advance new technologies, improve materials and practices, or push conceptual boundaries receive higher scores. Jurors consider both the immediate and long-term potential impacts, focusing on environmental sustainability and industry contributions.

Once again, the nominations are divided into two main groups: First, the “Best in Product Type” categories, which recognize outstanding new products within each vertical. Second, the “Best of the Year” categories, which highlight products that excel in areas such as Sustainable Design, Innovation, and Health and Wellness.

Select A+Product Awards Finalists, clockwise from top-left: Wall Scapes by Turf, Capas by Davis Furniture, Bio-Acoustic Claypot Wall Panel by CSI Creative, Acrovyn Curved Door by Construction Specialties.

Remember, you can cast one vote per category each day, but you’ll need to log in to do so. We encourage you to share this exciting opportunity with your colleagues and peers — the more votes we receive, the clearer the reflection of current trends and preferences in our industry.

Both the Jury Vote and Popular Choice winners will be announced in June this year, and we extend our best wishes to all the nominees. Get involved and make your voice heard in determining this year’s most innovative and impactful architectural products!

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