The First Day of Spring: 6 Radiant Buildings Inspired by Flowers

Check out this colorful bloom of flora-infused architecture.

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Today marks the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere! In honor of the occasion, check out this colorful bloom of architecture inspired by all manner of flora and fauna, and delve Architizer’s project database by clicking on the links as you go.

Orquideorama by plan:b and JPRCR Arquitectos, Medellin, Colombia

Native flowers and the canopies of trees inspired the biomorphic towers of this botanical garden in Colombia. The hexagonal form of each panel increases the collective stability of the structure influenced by the natural tessellations of wild honeycomb.

Wujin Lotus Conference Center by Studio505, Wujin, China

The opalescent Lotus building takes inspiration from the lotus in its three states, from “the new young bud, to the full ripe flower, through to the opened bloom with a seed pod within.” This flamboyant architectural spectacle is only emphasized by night, when a complex lighting system turns the building fuchsia, then golden yellow, then aquamarine.

Falling Lotus Blossoms EON IT Park by Form4 Architecture, Pune, India

The curving forms of this commercial complex are inspired by the petals of India’s national flower, the Lotus Blossom. The four glass-and-steel buildings emanate out from a central plaza, which contains an outdoor amphitheater for music performances.

WARDE by HQ Architects, Jerusalem, Israel

This urban installation in Jerusalem can’t be classed as architecture per se, but it provides ample shade and shelter from the rain along one of the city’s main thoroughfares. The inflatable flowers are 30 feet high and 30 feet wide and their fiery red petals slowly open whenever a pedestrian lingers beneath them.

Ceramic Museum and Mosaic Park by Casanova Hernandez Architects, Jinzhou, China

Built in 2013 in time for the World Landscape Art Exposition in China, the mosaicked walls of this pavilion are covered in a riotous display of color, their fragmented tiles echoing the multi-chromatic blooms of the surrounding flower borders.

Taipei Flower Wholesale Market by H.P. Chueh Architects & Planners, Taipei, Taiwan

This A+Award-winning commercial and retail marketplace was redesigned from the ground up with an eye-catching façade system (to stand out amid its industrial context) and functional design elements throughout. In addition to the shops, offices, and storage and distribution areas, it even holds a greenhouse.

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