Dekton Kitchen - Sogne - Stonika

Cosentino’s New “Stonika” Series Channels the Beauty of Natural Stone

The revolutionary Dekton surfaces combine visual warmth with unmatched durability.

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Architects have historically faced a stark choice when it comes to choosing materials for surfaces like countertops and wall paneling: the versatility of composites or the visual warmth of natural materials like stone or marble. Frustrating as it is, few have questioned the need for compromise here. After all, nothing man-made can compare to the richness of natural stone, which is forged through geological processes that take thousands of years — right?

Believe it or not, this conventional wisdom no longer holds. Dekton, a revolutionary high-tech material by Cosentino, is extremely durable — inviolable, really — and has the visual splendor of a natural material. Furthermore, the myriad color options allow Dekton to fit comfortably in any design context, from industrial-chic to traditional, with new patterns being announced all the time.

Dekton Kitchen - Arga - Stonika

The latest line of Dekton products might be their most ambitious yet. Called Stonika, this series is inspired by natural stone, presenting six rich colors that feature the trademark veining of materials like marble and quartzite. The standout quality of the material is its spectacular shine; Stonika surfaces possess a sumptuously glossy finish that will hold up even after years of heavy usage.

One could stare at these materials for hours: the subtlety of color and texture will please anyone with a true love of stone. But when it comes to durability, no natural material can come close to matching Dekton, which is resistant to virtually all forms of damage, whether it be from water, blunt impact, UV rays or thermal shock.

Dekton kitchen - Xgloss Stonika - Bergen 2

Dekton is able to closely resemble metamorphic stone because, in a way, that’s what it is.  The material is made using a process called sinterization that “represents an accelerated version of the metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes when subjected to high temperatures and pressure over thousands of years,” according to the company. Particles of quartz, glass and porcelain are fused together to create a material that is “ultracompact” and has “zero porosity.”

Dekton bathroom - Xgloss Stonika - Arga 1 (Flooring ZENITH)

The marbled appearance of the Dekton Stonika material transmits a look and feel just like natural stone. “Those competitors who have launched polished colors with graphic design find themselves in the need of applying a vitreous superficial layer to preserve color and be able to polish,” the company explained. “This can be seen in the edge of the material and delivers a material composed by two elements, layer and body.”

Unlike the competition, Dekton contains no vitreous top layer, which allows it to achieve an aspect of solidity as well as a flatness that is absolutely unrivalled.

Dekton kitchen - Xgloss Stonika - Sogne (Flooring Lunar)

The Stonika series includes six color options for architects to work with, and each is inspired by a different type of stone. The company was careful not to simply copy the appearance of any specific stone, since Dekton is a unique product in itself and not simply imitation marble or quartzite.

Nevertheless, this product will fit neatly into any context where one would use slabs of high end stone, as well as in places where using a material like marble would be unrealistic. Dekton has been utilized by architects for high traffic flooring, countertops, exterior façades and even the lining of swimming pools. The Stonika series is designed to allow architects to match up the pattern in a way that hides the seam between slabs, making Dekton appropriate for very large areas.

Dekton kitchen - Xgloss Stonika - Taga (Flooring Soke)

In the end, it is the durability of Dekton that makes it unlike any other material. It is scratch resistant and stain resistant and even sturdier than granite when it comes to fending off abrasion.

“While other surfaces show wear over time, Dekton’s finish will last for the life of the product and never needs to be re-surfaced or re-finished,” according to Cosentino. The colors in the Stonika series are part of their XGloss collection, and come with a polished veneer that never dulls or fades. So the next time you are taking on a project that requires an aesthetically appealing yet resilient slab surface, look no further than Dekton Stonika.

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