Resimercial Architecture: Workplaces that are Designed to Feel Like Home

Resimercial design (that’s resi-mercial, get it?) is all about bringing the comforts of home into the workplace.

Samantha Frew Samantha Frew

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While you may not be familiar with the term, “resimercial design” is something we see frequently but very rarely take the time to analyze. From the comfy couches in the office lounge to the cozy rugs and ambient lighting in the conference room, resimercial design is all about bringing the comforts of home into the workplace (that’s resi-mercial, get it?). By prioritizing employee wellbeing, this design philosophy not only enhances the aesthetics of a workspace but also boosts productivity and overall job satisfaction. It’s a win-win situation that incorporates natural light, comfortable furniture and elements that evoke a sense of homeliness, such as warm lighting, soft textiles and plants, alongside seamless technological integration. This fusion approach has captured the attention of employers looking to create a dynamic and appealing work environment.

As companies strive to attract and, just as importantly, retain top talent, resimercial design has become an increasingly popular choice for optimizing workspaces. Combining the best residential and commercial design strategies, these six resimercial spaces are great examples of the welcoming and comfortable environment at the forefront of modern office design.

The Vibes

By Infinitive Architecture, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Jury Winner, 2022 A+Awards, Coworking Space

Photographs by Infinitive Architecture

The Vibes by Infinitive Architecture is an office building that perfectly combines bioclimatic design with resimercial elements. With various open spaces and lush greenery, this building provokes tranquility and relaxation in the middle of a bustling city. The multi-zoning masterplan of the coworking space is developed to centralize the garden space to promote natural views.

The building is naturally ventilated, and the workplace areas receive ample natural light from the outdoor intersections, while the bamboo skin that makes up the façade also features integrated percussion balls that produce interactive vibration sounds in light breezes, adding a unique sensory experience to the office spaces. The Vibes is a remarkable example of how understanding the human experience when undertaking tasks can create a sustainable, comfortable and creative work environment that prioritizes employee wellbeing.

Venture X

By Studio+, Naples, FL, United States

Popular Winner, 2022 A+Awards, Coworking Space

Photographs by Seamus Payne

Venture X, Naples, is a coworking space that merges the comforts of home with the productivity of a professional office environment. Designed with a resimercial approach, the space features luxurious finishes and stylish furniture, making it feel more like a bougie apartment than a traditional office.
Gone are the drab cubicles and empty white walls. In their place are living gardens, moss walls and botanical table art that provide a beautiful, verdant backdrop to the coworking space.

The furniture is carefully chosen to complement the design aesthetic, with fabrics, finishes and materials all speaking the same design language. Venture X, Naples, is a coworking space that breaks the mold of traditional office design, offering a resimercial approach that promotes wellness, creativity and productivity in equal measure.

The Coven

By Studio BV, Saint Paul, MN, United States

A coworking space that empowers women and non-binary individuals, The Coven is a space designed for inclusivity and comfort. Its flagship location in St. Paul, MN, was developed to encourage collaboration, creativity and community. The goal was to transform a dark, historic space into a bright and empowering environment that reflects the organization’s mission. The reception and open lounge area take advantage of the high ceilings and natural light, with bespoke features that reflect the historic character of the building.

Upholstered in soft blue fabric, the custom reception desk provides a cozy welcome. Color and material choices reflect the individuality of the members and guests, with unexpected pops of color and unique design elements that create a sense of personality and identity. A custom wall tile application in the coffee bar featuring The Coven’s mantra of “do the most good” serves as a bold and empowering statement. The space features murals, weavings, paintings, tapestries and other curated objects created by local female artists that express diversity and community, bringing a real sense of home decoration to the spaces.

Smart Design Studio

By Smart Design Studio, Alexandria, Australia

Jury Winner, 2021 A+Awards, Office Interiors <25,000 sq ft

Photographs by Romello Pereira

Smart Design Studio is a sustainable and sculptural building that fits seamlessly with the brick warehouses of this inner-city conservation area. It embodies the essence of industrial buildings in its aesthetics, functionality, economy and innovation.

The readapted industrial building houses a purpose-designed studio for tenants, Smart Design Studio, that combines traditional workplace design with a hint of resimercial design. On the upper level, a mezzanine overlooking the light-filled space encapsulates and comforts with soft furnishings and a familiar living room. Having multiple areas that can provide what workers need is an excellent way of meeting the needs of individuals.

GoodRx Headquarters

By RIOS Santa Monica, CA, United States

Jury Winner, 2021 A+Awards, Office Interiors >25,000 sq ft

Photographs by Jasper Sanidad

GoodRx Headquarters has undergone a stunning transformation from a start-up to a vibrant and inclusive workspace in the heart of Los Angeles’ tech scene. The combination of commercial and residential elements has been masterfully utilized to create a warm, inviting, and functional space. The design approach incorporates aspects of urban planning to accommodate GoodRx’s growing workforce, with social programs creating private moments in vast warehouse spaces.

The use of upcycled materials and an industrial palette adds an earthy, raw quality that’s visually striking and tactile. The space includes unique features, such as a speakeasy, a doctor’s room and a meditation and yoga facility, providing opportunities for employees to come together and connect. Overall, the GoodRx Headquarters embodies resimercial design, creating a welcoming, community-focused workspace that reflects the company’s evolving mission.

Office Brabant

Studio Piet Boon, NB, Netherlands

Jury Winner, 2020 A+Awards, Office Interiors – Low Rise 1-4 Floors

Photographs by Thomas de Bruyne

Studio Piet Boon was tasked with designing a Dutch office space that is both timeless and functional. The resulting structure draws inspiration from traditional farms in the surrounding area while incorporating a modern interpretation of a barn space, creating a one-story office that feels like a comfortable and inviting residence.

The main spaces of the building feature pitched roofs and brick walls adorned with coal-black wooden slats that open up the interior to the surrounding gardens. The use of brick ‘boxes’ with flat roofs connects the three distinct areas of the building, while the Fitness Center and Spa occupy a separate building that encloses a symmetrical patio with a tranquil water feature for privacy.

The building’s shape and large windows provide panoramic views of the surrounding golf course, while the windows overlooking the patio create a more intimate and cozy feel. The interior is designed with natural stone and light wooden floors, creating a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living. Soft, unsaturated colors are used throughout the building, and the plastered walls highlight the natural color of the wooden beams. With a focus on creating a warm and welcoming environment that seamlessly blends work and relaxation, this Dutch office space embodies the principles of resimercial design.

Architizer's new image-heavy daily newsletter, The Plug, is easy on the eyes, giving readers a quick jolt of inspiration to supercharge their days. Plug in to the latest design discussions by subscribing. 

Samantha Frew Author: Samantha Frew
Sam Frew is an interior designer with ten years of experience in the high-end hospitality industry. She is one-half of Campbell | Frew Design Studio. Over the years Sam has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest hotel brands including Accor, Millennium, Ensana and Radisson.
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