An App for Everyone: Spaces Is the Conceptual Design Tool Architects Always Needed

The latest version of the Spaces iPad app includes a wealth of new features to supercharge the creative process.

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The key to a successful architectural project is the development of a strong conceptual model. Conceptual design is the foundation of architecture and oftentimes, determines the future success of a project. Architects are forever in search of reliable and effective design tools that will aid in bringing their ideas to life. However, finding the right tool isn’t always easy. Many applications available today are complicated, costly and don’t always align with the designer’s working rhythm. For the average on-the-go architect, reliable and straightforward tools are key. Thankfully, Cerulean Labs has delivered just what every architect is after: the Spaces iPad app.

Cerulean Labs comprises a global team that is dedicated to improving the conceptual stage of architecture. Back in October of 2021, the company released Spaces: a parametric conceptual design tool made for the iPad. Today, the brand celebrates its continual effort in improving the conceptual design stage with a new and improved version of the app: Spaces version 2.

This updated application has recently hit the market and boasts a comprehensive list of tools fit for architects of all levels and experiences. Spaces version 2 comes complete with improved editing tools, increased 2D viewing options, new sun studies, new sketching capabilities and additional workflow integration options. This application is well and truly built for the masses.

The Spaces version 2 app boasts an easy-to-use yet comprehensive set of design tools. The app merges old-school drawing techniques with modern-day computing technologies into a user-friendly interface. Its clean and clutter-free layout makes it especially useful for those designers who are constantly on the move.

The new digital sketchbook feature lets users swiftly document their ideas whenever — and wherever — they come to mind. The sketchbook encompasses new technologies, such as the Apple pencil, and allows designers to test their ideas out by sketching and note-taking. Moreover, users can send snapshots of their models directly to the sketchbook and trace them using the Apple pencil. This app celebrates architecture’s oldest and most useful tools – a simple pencil and paper.

The improved interface allows users to switch their screen between the Sketch and Modeling modes with ease.

Another fresh addition to Spaces version 2 is the sun study feature. Recognizing how invaluable solar analysis is to the conceptual design process, Cerulean Labs has developed a tool that allows users to specify the exact location and time of day for their model, and instantly see how shadows cast by their project might impact neighboring buildings. Users can impose an animated sun study directly onto their models in real-time, helping them to better understand how their design responds to its surroundings.

Additionally, Spaces version 2 has introduced IFC and OBJ exporting, which means that models can be exported and furthered in a secondary BIM tool. Moreover, the new space planning feature allows users to manage design briefs, create reports and develop project concepts directly on the app. The improved export options and new space planning features ensure that all models come out professional and presentable. In addition, users can import key site data to their design, thus producing a more precise and site-specific model.

Cerulean Labs is committed to growing and developing its Spaces app. iPads are continuing to dominate the AEC world and professional applications like Spaces version 2 offer increasingly powerful platforms to sketch, model and manage conceptual projects. The spaces app is available in both free and paid versions, with a new subscription recently becoming available: the Spaces Pro. Priced at $75 USD per month, the Spaces Pro subscription offers unlimited projects and comes with new and improved export features, reporting tools and modeling capabilities. The application can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and subscriptions can be managed directly through the Spaces website

Spaces by Cerulean Labs demonstrates the vast capabilities of iPad use in parametric conceptual design. The application offers great depth and flexibility, all the while remaining transportable and accessible. It celebrates traditional design tools while implementing the best modern-day technologies out there. The result is a brilliantly straightforward application suitable for all architects and designers.

Cerulean Labs is currently offering an extended free trial for the app, allowing users to try it out for 3 whole months — click here to find out more and download it (offer ends July 31st). To learn more about the Spaces application and all its offerings, check out the Spaces website.

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