16 Designer Radiators that Look Like Works of Art

These visually striking radiators do much more than simply providing heat for a space.

Sheila Kim Sheila Kim

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The classic cast-iron radiator can be a charming sculptural piece that often injects character and history into a space. However, if you’re searching for something different — perhaps more decorative, compact, modern, or just plain unique — for a current project, take a look at these offerings. And, not to worry, American architects: While many of these designer radiators are from Europe, some models are available right here in North America, too.

Blow by Cordivari Design

This unit designed by Jean-Marie Massaud can easily be mistaken for an Anish Kapoor sculpture. The refined, polished stainless-steel slab, with an uneven surface plane that evokes water, comes in a single size of 500 by 1,700 millimeters and can be horizontally or vertically mounted to walls. Also available for central heating systems, Blow reaches a maximum temperature of 95 degrees Celsius.

Play by Jaga

Knockonwood by Jaga

From left: Knockonwood and Moon from Jaga

Play, Knockonwood and Moon by Jaga

Jaga has something for everyone and every space. Take, for instance, its Play radiators finished in hues that complement children’s bedrooms and play areas (though neutral colors are available, as well). Play boasts lower energy use due to less water in the system to begin with. As expected in a child-friendly unit, it features a lockable thermostat control, rounded corners, and casing that doesn’t get too hot.

Meanwhile, Knockonwood is an elegant wooden system with a gentle cascading arc profile and simple grill design. Available in three types of wood veneer (oak, beech, and maple), the radiator comes in six sizes, all with the same low-H2O heat exchanger as the Play design.

Finally, for those looking to disguise the radiator as a wall sculpture, Moon sports an organic pattern cast from “polyconcrete” (a mineral composite material) and finished in white, black, white gold, yellow gold, or brown.

Book and Booklet by Caleido

Launched at the Cersaie show in Bologna, Caleido’s Book and Booklet were designed by architect Marco Piva as monoliths with thin aluminum-sheet fronts defined by one or two folded corners (like a book page). Suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, the sleek units come in three sizes and wattages of 360, 530, and 670, in a range of RAL colors. Electric and hot-water versions with low-water content are also available.

Diamond by FOURSTEEL

A geometric treat for the eyes, Diamond features a dimensional, faceted front fashioned out of steel. It comes in three formats — XS (900 by 1,040 millimeters), 1200 H (horizontal configuration measuring 1,500 by 1,200 millimeters), and 1500 V (vertical measuring 1,200 by 1,500 millimeters) — in brushed metal, textured black, white, gold, old gold, or RAL color finishes. The central-heating versions operate on 568 or 1,205 watts, while the electric units use anywhere from 600 to 2,000 watts.


HOTECH’s Sullivan

Bloom and Sullivan by HOTECH DESIGN

Designed for HOTECH by Giovanni Tomasini, Bloom sports a haphazard pattern of varied-size convex asterisks (or five-pointed stars, depending on how you look at it). It comes in a single size of 1,800 by 600 millimeter in black or white and uses 820 watts.

Sullivan, designed by Diego Paderno, Arianna Filippini, and Federica Ravera, is a contemporary triptych with a carved floral scroll motif. It measures 1,800 by 560 millimeters, comes in aluminum or black finish, and uses 865 watts.

Rusty by Eskimo

Channeling Cor-Ten steel, Rusty is part of Eskimo’s Outline collection and is hand-patinated for a striking rusted-metal effect, then finished with hardwax oil. Available in numerous sizes, with varying wattages, the slab-shaped radiator can also be specified in mirror-finish or wood styles.

Camellia by Walney

With an abstract silhouette of a budding stem, Camellia easily passes for wall art. Its vertical base is offered in 14 sizes with a chrome, copper, bronze, gold, gunmetal, brushed or mirror stainless steel finish or in any of 20 RAL colors. Meanwhile, the decorative stem comes in three sizes. Wattages range from 648 to 2120, depending on the model.

Trame by Tubes Radiatori

Milano by Tubes Radiatori

Add-On by Tubes Radiatori

Trame, Milano and Add-On by Tubes Radiatori

Tubes has been building an impressive collection of units by collaborating with internationally renowned designers. One example is Trame, which was created by Stefano Giovannoni, an industrial designer who’s conceived popular products for diverse brands including Magis, Fiat, Laufen, Moooi, Samsung, Sodastream, and Toto, among many, many others. For Trame, he employed undulating bars that evoke a woven textile detail in any of 110 colors.

Milano by Antonia Astori e Nicola de Ponti is a column that resembles a turned leg of an elegant table. The sculptural, sinuous product can be mounted on walls, hung from the ceiling, or left freestanding on the floor using a support base and is constructed of steel finished in five sophisticated neutral hues. Both water and electric versions are available.

And Satyendra Pakhalé conceived Add-On, a Red Dot Design Award-winning product that plays on a theme of modularity with a number of configurations that range from simple rectangles to freeform asymmetrical shapes. Five neutral colors are offered for this design.

Bonus: Radiators That Look Like … Radiators

If you’re looking for products that actually look like radiators — albeit sleeker, edgier, or more sophisticated — one of these offerings might fit the bill:

Quill by BISQUE

The elegant Quill comprises highly polished stainless steel tubes with canted tops, resembling the pipes of a grand organ. Its integrated looping rail holds and warms towels, making this a unit best suited to bathroom settings.

Ron by Eskimo

A high-output radiator, Ron features aluminum tubes with an irregular shape inspired both by 1950s aircraft technology and schoolhouse radiators. The modular system can be expanded width-wise and comes in six heights, allowing designers to perfectly fit the unit into just about any spot, from underneath a low windowsill to within a tall corner niche. Available in a range of RAL colors, Ron can also be ordered in matte or polished aluminum, gold, or industrial bead-blast metal.

Sloane from Hudson Reed

Sloane by Hudson Reed

Sloane is a flat-bar, panel-style radiator that evokes a picket fence in anthracite or white. Choose from several sizes in a single- or double-panel configuration. This central heating unit is suitable for use with forced-circulation, closed-loop systems only.

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