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Tile Trend-Spotting at the Architectural Digest Design Show

Decorative wall tiles drew us in with bold pattern and texture.

Jennifer Geleff Jennifer Geleff

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In just the last six months alone, more than 1.6 million square-feet of ceramic and stone have been searched for through Architizer’s sourcing platform. The great necessity for these materials derives from their undeniable versatility. Often applied as tile on floors and walls across both interior and exterior applications, it’s difficult to spot a project without a few square feet of tile peeking out somewhere. Yet with such a great wealth of products on the market vying for specification, it can be tricky narrow down your options.

This season, as we explored the Architectural Digest Design Show, what really caught our eye were several incredible displays of decorative wall tiles. As manufacturers such as Artistic Tile, Tile Bar and Porcelanosa showed off their striking new collections, we were particularly drawn in by their daring usage of pattern and texture. Here are some of our favorite products, along with related trends that are sure to take hold this year:

Bold Mosaics

Ceramic Tile

Image via Artistic Tile

Tambourine Traps by Artistic Tile

Part of Artistic Tile’s Jazz Class collection, Tambourine Traps uses angular shapes and repetition to create a visually stunning wall tile composition. Available in both matte tumbled and gloss finishes, architects may choose one or the other, or a mix of both depending on their functional and aesthetic needs. Tambourine Traps is currently available in three colors: the Watercolor White Blend as pictured above, the Bugle Blue Blend and Gillespie Green.

Ceramic Tile

Image via Artistic Tile

Fan Club by Artistic Tile

Fan Club by Artistic Tile takes a familiar and antiquitous motif and injects it with a tasteful modern flair. Available in two colors, the Ice White Gloss is timeless and simple, while the Blue Ombre trimmed with brushed brass (pictured above) is the true show-stopper.

Textured Tile

Ceramic Tile

Image via Porcelanosa

Skyline by Porcelanosa

Skyline by Porcelanosa is a natural slate mosaic that has strong relief patterns created with thin protruding strips. Available in two patterns, the Wave Dark hints at the appearance of an optical illusion, as if the wall tile itself is in a constant state of motion. Porcelanosa’s Skyline tiles are 11 3/4″ by 12 1/4″.

Ceramic TileTrouvaille Linen Ceramic Tile by Tile Bar

Tile Bar’s Trouvaille Linen Ceramic Tile is an ideal choice if you are looking for a low maintenance wall tile for your next residential or commercial project. Made with white body ceramic from Italy, the Trouvaille Collection provides a subtly textured, natural wood look that can fit within a large variety of design motifs.

Natural Patterns

Ceramic Tile

Image via Artistic Tile

Water Glass by Artistic Tile

Water Glass presents a daring new iteration of the evolution of Antiqued Mirror. These large format tiles with a frosted surface were designed to resemble a water-stained mirror, presenting a rich irregularity that looks as if it could have happened by chance. Available in both a blue and silver stain, Water Glass is ideal for walls in high-moisture settings.

Ceramic Tile

Image via Porcelanosa

Marmol Carrara Blanco by Porcelanosa

Marmol Carrara Blanco by Porcelanosa is a glossy ceramic tile featuring a soft, subtle marble appearance. Available in two rectangular dimensions, these wall tiles are the perfect addition in order to bear a bit of glamor within your next project. If you are looking to achieve a marble look along with the functional benefits of ceramic tile, Blanco Pulido and Calacata Gold by Porcelanosa are other elegant options, with more dramatic veining. 

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