Luxury Bathroom Fittings That Mix and Match With Elegant Continuity

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What brands like Dornbracht™ keep reaffirming is that luxury product design can be both unique and versatile. The company’s newest series of bathroom fittings combines technology and delicate contours meant to delight both the eye and the skin while providing numerous possibilities for customization. The new CL.1 series, conceptualized and designed by Sieger Design, introduces a refreshing interplay of hard and soft contours to the company’s existing array of products and encourages architects to embrace design versatility without the fear of mismatching.

The abbreviation CL.1 stands for the brand claim “Culturing Life,” which describes the first series of products to emerge from a new creative attitude. The series includes a wide range of fixtures and accessories for the sink, shower, tub, and bidet available in plated finishes, polished chrome and platinum matte. True German attention to detail is evident in the harmoniously proportioned volumes made up of straight lines and surfaces, clinically precise radii, and intuitive arrangements of customizable outlets and controls. In line with Dornbracht’s “Sampling” concept, which allows designers to combine products on a modular basis across a wide spectrum, the CL.1 series offers design solutions that can be combined with round and structured pieces of the other series and seamlessly integrated into any bathroom design.

A large variety of options — single-lever, widespread, deck-mounted, and wall-mounted lavatory faucets coupled with structured, round, smooth, and ADA-compliant lever handles — provides the utmost customization to suit individual tastes and requirements. For example, designers can choose to pair a CL.1 spout with handles from the Deque series.

The flowing form aims to be perceived as an extension of the body and a conduit that mimics the natural movement of water, while the vertical arm has a slight 15-degree incline to enable downward-facing water flow with extensive coverage. The spout, expelling 40 individual streams of water, was specifically designed for CL.1 in order to minimize splashing and ensure low water consumption (only 1.069 gallons per minute). This new feature reflects the brand’s dedication to supporting sustainable lifestyles — and simultaneously reimagines the way water contacts the skin. Seamlessly integrated into the body of the fixture, the four spouts — three of varying heights plus a wall-mounted version — come with two different structured handles for additional personalization. Careful surface engineering completes the tactile dimension of the faucet and shows that equal amounts of attention were paid to the looks and feels of the materials.

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Instead of hijacking the senses with ostentatious stylization, Dornbracht’s design philosophy focuses on the creation of elegant streamlined products with limitless design combinations.

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