Pocket Closet: This Magically Transforming Storage Wall Is Perfect for Tiny Apartments

The smart technology behind this storage design allows building space to be used more efficiently.

Architizer Editors Architizer Editors

Earlier this year, Ori’s Pocket Closet scooped a prestigious A+Product Award, winning the jury vote in the Smart Building & Technology category. Designed especially for compact homes, the mobile unit rolls out to reveal a staggering amount of storage space for clothes and other items, while appearing as a stylish, minimalist piece of furniture when closed.

From the designers: Ori’s smart space technology allows building space to be used more efficiently, optimizing designs with flexibility to enable the allocation of more units. Ori’s Pocket Closet is a smart, transformable spatial solution and divider that meets residential needs by increasing storage, privacy and room division — creating a walk-in closet, an entertainment center, home office and additional storage to any residential unit.

Born out of the MIT Media Lab, Ori’s sophisticated smart space technology enhances functionality and comfort through space optimization, increasing organization potential and space utility. Architects and designers now have a viable system that can be integrated earlier in the design process, reducing construction time while maximizing storage potential and square footage.

The Pocket Closet frees up space, allowing residents – including families, couples, roommates, and more – to entertain, work or explore other activities that would be uncomfortable to do without that division of space.

At the touch of button, the tech-enabled system effortlessly expands to reveal spacious storage when occupants need it, then contracts to give them back their space for living. Its sleek, modern design features shelf space, a power-display nook that can hold a flat-screen-tv, and a fold-down desk that doubles as a workspace.

When expanded, the Pocket Closet offers ample shelving and hanging space for clothing, shoes and accessories, along with built-in LED closet lighting.

Ori’s Pocket Closet is available in three finishes (white, oak or walnut) and three sizes (4’, 6’, or 8’) with options for single or double moving part configurations. Pocket Closet is built from 3/4″ poplar plywood finished with high-quality laminate and assembled using heavy-duty hardware, ensuring durability. The Pocket Closet’s robotic components allow the system to move at the touch of a button via the Ori interface or app, or through voice-control integrated with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

To find out more about the Ori Pocket Closet and contact the brand for more details, click here.