Block It Off: The 2022 Architecture and Design Events Calendar

After two years of online, outdoor and reduced capacity events, this year’s events calendar is packed to the brim.

Samantha Frew Samantha Frew

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We may be well on our way to mid-March, but the 2022 design calendar is just getting started. After exactly two years of online, outdoor and reduced capacity events, it’s safe to say that with restrictions easing across the globe, the events calendar for this year is packed to the brim.

Event organizers everywhere are pulling out all the stops this year to give the architecture and design community something to get excited about while brands and suppliers are jumping in the chance to exhibit the projects they have been working hard on behind closed doors. We’ve compiled a list of some of this year’s most exciting events from around the world.

Asia Pacific Architecture Festival

Brisbane, Australia | 12-25 March 2022

The 2022 Asia Pacific Architecture Festival delivers an exciting and thought-provoking program of exhibitions, installations, symposia, lectures and workshops, promoting and celebrating architecture’s pivotal role in the culture, sustainability and economy of the Asia Pacific region.

The event features a program of exhibitions, installations, symposia, lectures and workshops, celebrating architecture’s contribution to the culture, sustainability and economy of the Asia Pacific region. Sanitas Pradittasnee, director of Sanitas Studio, will be presenting at The Architecture Symposium during the festival. 

The World Expo Dubai 2020

Dubai, UAE | 01 October 2021 – 31 March 2022

There are only a few weeks left until the conclusion of Dubai’s World Expo, which launched in October 2021. Delayed for a year due to the pandemic, the huge Expo displays works and pavilions from 192 countries. The theme of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future has presented some fascinating and innovative pieces with an array of mind-blowing architectural pavilions.

Serious Fun. Architecture and Games

Vienna, Austria | 17 March – 05 September 2022

The Serious Fun exhibition in Vienna explores the connections between actual architecture and architectural games. The exhibition aims to help visitors investigate how building blocks becoming daring structures and strategy board games exploring spatial advantages can influence contemporary design. The exhibition, entitled Serious Fun, shows and examines architecture games and toys, inviting visitors “to be astonished, to play and to reflect”


Paris, France | 24 – 28 March 2022

Taking on the idea of “New Luxury” the 2022 Edition of Masion&Objet puts luxury in the spotlight and invites us to re-examine its various creative iterations. This year the bi-annual Paris exhibition will host thousands of brands, designers, artisans and interior design experts to exhibit and discuss the latest trends and future forecasts.


Graz, Austria | 13 April – 26 June 2022

A new exhibition, titled Envelopes, will explore the interdisciplinary approach of renowned contemporary studio J. Mayer H. The show will examine how the studio tackles the correlation and interplay between arts and architecture and will search for the creative power behind the transdisciplinary work of the studio.

London Design Festival of Architecture

London, UK | 01 – 30 June 2022

The London Festival of Architecture is the world’s largest annual architecture festival, with a mission to democratize discussions around architecture, test new ideas and uncover and promote new talent.  With a fantastic program of events and activities across London every June, the program welcomes everyone into the conversation around architecture and city life. The theme for 2022 is Act.


Genève, Switzerland | 27 April – 12 June 2022

The exhibition explores 50 years of visionary architecture in Singapore, allowing visitors to discover selected projects from 1970 to the present day, testifying to the utopian dimension of its architecture. Often subject to strong Western influence, the visionary architecture and urban planning of the city-state has been moderated, adapted and transformed according to the socio-cultural, economic, climatic and political conditions of the land. The projects chosen for the exhibition illustrate this significant impact on architectural discourse and urban planning in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Design Miami/

Basel, Switzerland | 14-19 June 2022

Design Miami/ announces a return to Basel, Switzerland, for the 16th edition of Design Miami/ Basel. Alongside the Art Basel fair, Design Miami/ has become the premier venue for collecting, exhibiting, discussing, and creating collectible design. Each fair brings together the collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world in celebration of design culture and commerce.

AIA Conference of Architecture

Chicago, USA | 22-25 June 2022

The American Institute of Architect’s annual conference returns in 2022 to explore and celebrate innovation. The three-day event is a myriad of exhibitions and showcases designed to allow architects and designers to interact with all that is new in the design and architecture world.

Tallinn Architecture Biennale

Tallinn, Estonia | 
07 September – October 2022

Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB) is an international architecture and urban-planning festival with a diverse program that fosters local architectural culture. TAB encourages synergy between architects and the general public by creating contacts and exchanging ideas. This year’s program entitled “Edible; Or, The Architecture of Metabolism” will focus on the circular economy, consumption and sustainability.


Milan, Italy | 12 -15 October 2022

The Museum Network Conference brings together some of the world’s most well-renowned architecture, art and design museums. The network offers a platform for dialogue, exchange and interaction amongst some of the world’s leading cultural institutions.

This year’s conference is titled Unknown Unknowns: An Introduction to Mysteries, which itself will be on show from 20 May to 20 November 2022. Curated by Ersilia Vaudo, chief diversity officer at the European Space Agency (ESA), Unknown Unknowns will seek to foster multi-disciplinary discussions to shine a light on what we still “don’t know we don’t know” in different topics: from the evolution of the cities to the oceans, from genetics to astrophysics.

World Architecture Festival

Lisbon, Portugal | 30 November – 02 December 2022

The 2022 World Architecture Festival and INSIDE World Festival of Interiors Theme is “Together” WAF is the only architecture event where keynote talks from the industry’s most influential figures sit alongside live crit presentations and judging. There is global networking and a 400-project strong gallery. The event will also include an international product exhibition.
2022 will be the year to consider how architecture responds to the renewal of collective life post-pandemic and in the light of commitments to combatting climate change.

Photograph by Hannah Feniak

Mies van der Rohe Pavilion

Barcelona, Spain | 2022

The Fundació Mies van der Rohe has presented its program of activities for the year 2022, which will be one of the most international and varied to date. The Pavilion will become a meeting place for architects and designers becoming a place for discussion, presentation and exploration.

Design Miami/

Miami, USA | 30 November – 03 December

The second of Design Miami’s yearly events. The latter event will round off the year with curated, multi-platform marketplace, galleries, studios, brands, experts, collectors, and enthusiasts with a passion for the art of design. A series of talks, panels and demonstrations from some of the world’s leading names in art, design and architecture will be at the center of the fair’s programming.

Architizer is thrilled to announce the winners of the 10th Annual A+Awards. Want to earn global recognition for your projects? Sign up to be notified when the 11th Annual A+Awards program launches. 

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