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Image Search for Architects Will Up Your Inspiration Game

Browse through a visual library of more than 1 million project images.

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Whether you are an architect, an architecture student, an interior designer or a home renovator, you’ll know that the best design inspiration comes in visual form. When seeking to understand how materials, details and spaces really work, no amount of descriptive text or specification information can beat an image of a built project. That’s why you love Architizer — images lie at its heart, showing how architects’ work really comes together and providing countless precedents for your design research.

For this reason, we’re incredibly excited to announce a new tool to help you discover new architectural inspiration every day.

Image Search for Architects allows you to browse through a visual library of more than 1 million project images, each sorted into categories of material, element or spatial concept.

image search for architects

Images within the database are broken down into five broad categories — exterior spaces, interior spaces, building features, building-products and architectural drawings. Each of these categories is broken down into further subcategories to help you find what you’re looking for. Every image, though, has one key thing in common — they are all drawn from Architizer’s database of 120,000 projects across the globe.

This adds a unique asset to this image search engine over Pinterest and Google Images: With every image, you have the option to “view project” and see a host of additional information about the building that image originates from. You can discover which architecture firm designed it, when it was constructed, where it is located, and sometimes even which products were used to create it.

image search for architects

You can even search by typology, location or firm.

Try Stairs + Zaha Hadid Architects, and you’ll see all the sinuous, sculptural staircases by one of architecture’s most iconic designers.

Select Windows + Private House + New York City, and you can explore different styles of residential fenestration across the Big Apple.

Type in Architectural Drawings + Cultural Project Type, and explore thousands of plans, sections and elevations of some of the world’s most iconic cultural institutions.

Image Search for Architects is in beta mode, and we’re working on it all the time. If you have any feedback or suggestions that would help improve the tool, we’d love to hear from you! Email and let us know your thoughts.

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MeMo House // BAM! arquitectura

San Isidro, Argentina

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Gloriette: A travel through time // noa* network of architecture

Soprabolzano, Italy