One Rendering Challenge: The 100 Finalists (Part 2)

Explore a further 25 extraordinary architectural renderings, each one a Finalist in the 2020 One Rendering Challenge.

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Explore a further 25 extraordinary architectural visualizations, each one a Finalist in the 2nd Annual One Rendering Challenge. Let us know which are your favorites on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #OneRenderingChallenge!

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“A Keeper of the Past, Present and Future” by Raghav Raj

University Of Technology Sydney

“The partially demolished Robb College, at the University of New England in Armidale, is the site for regional GAO, The Government Architect Office.

It exhibits a radical hybrid conservation strategy which preserves the glory of vernacular architecture. The proposed GAO solely acts as a facility for preservation, documentation, archiving.

Visual is an amalgamation of past, present and the future. It is the view from the arched corridor of the existing Robb college (past), the old-new quadrangle represents the present and serves as a platform for the community to come together. The new office building embraces it representing the future.

The quadrangle is used by the office people in the day whereas during the evenings it becomes a communal space for aboriginal people to exchange, remember and create. The elements of water and fire around help them rekindle the bond with their roots and take them ahead in their future.”

Software used: V-Ray, Rhino, Photoshop

“Ebsens Curse” by Dennis Allain

Dennis Allain ADI

“This architectural scene is inspired by the work of Richard Bunkall. The narrative is based on creation and abandonment. The scale of the sculpture beyond challenges the viewer and the sense of surrealism. Buddy Ebsen was the first actor to play the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. His character fell ill due to the lead make up used at the time and in the story, wished for a heart. Clues to this puzzle can be seen in the graffiti, straw birds nest above and oil can perched on the far right building block. Artistically I strive to create art that feels more traditional in medium. Artists like NC Wyeth and Frazetta challenge and inspire my pursuit of an engaging artistic expression. I hope to speak to the audiences heart and capture their attention. ‘It is not down on any map, true places never are’ Herman Melville.”

Software used: Cinema 4D, Photoshop

“Architecture; City; People” by Geonhee Park

University of Auckland

“What makes a space? What makes the atmosphere? What is all this within the architectural language?

For decades, humanity has been inhabiting Earth and continues to develop architectures and urban cities that grow and sprout across the globe.

This render expresses a moment to take a pause in each individual’s life to note what and who we are within the boundary of architecture, city, society, and individual. Without “People,” there will be no architecture, cities, and spaces that enable such a connection between you and the architecture.

The architecture language can never be fulfilled without humans inscribe.”

Software used: Photoshop

“Left abandoned” by Cesar Sanchez Ruiz

“This is the story of a city left abandoned to time, humans left decades ago for unknown reasons and built a completely new city on the horizon. As glass breaks, metal rusts and concrete cracks, plants and animals which once were displaced, return to reclaim the land that belonged to them long before humans settled. A small group of explorers, out of curiosity, go to the abandoned city. They come across a world completely alien to them, populated by creatures they’ve only heard of and filled buildings they’ve only seen in history books. These are the new archeologists discovering a civilization that is long gone but not forgotten.”

Software used: V-Ray, 3ds Max, Photoshop

“Enter the Garden” by Zana Bamarni

Bergische Universität Wuppertal

“After another frustrating day in the office you decide to take a break and aimlessly jump into a taxi. When the automated voice asks you for your destination, you sigh and answer “just somewhere calm and quiet”. After a short ride you suddenly get exposed to a blinding light and can barely see outside the window. The vehicle stops and the voice calmly notes that you have reached your destination. You feel confused. You do not recognize this place and exit the vehicle with a sense of curiosity. You see yourself at the foot of a large building with a gate right in front of you. Your view gazes around and you see large tree-like columns and golden floral patterns all around this place. The silence is only disturbed by the gentle lapping of water in the ponds behind you. You decide to enter.”

Software used: V-Ray, Rhino, Photoshop

“Leeza SOHO” by Sergey Golubev


“Leeza SOHO known as the world’s tallest atrium building. It’s flexible forms inspired me to make this rendering. Before modeling I checked professional photos on the web and tried to make the final look different from them. This is an office building and we know lots of office buildings night renderings in busy streets with smudged out car lights. But I focused on a calm night atmosphere. The viewpoint is far from the edifice and the beholder can barely hear the noise of the city through the wet heavy air. And there are just glimpses of street lights behind the trees. There are no people outside, few windows still has lights in nearby buildings and a lonely taxi is heading at home. In this calm night Leeza SOHO is standing like on stage showing all It’s beauty just for those who dared to go outside at that late time.”

Software used: Corona Renderer

“Moonlight Station” by Chen Yu Tseng

National University of Singapore

“With the urban dwellers gradually growing distant from one another, the once bustling city has gone quiet and still, as if frozen in time. A lone traveller walks the streets, braving the darkness and loneliness, waiting for a train that might never ever come.”

Software used: Rhino, Photoshop, Other

“Visualising Psychoanalysis” by Richard ThomsonJon Allcock

Tone Visual

“‘Midway upon our walk of life
I found myself within a forest dark:
the direct path lost.’
Dante, ‘La Divina Commedia’

Forests have a mystical element in all cultures. They symbolize the unknown, the unconscious. Forest imagery has long been used in psychoanalysis. Of unknown origin, ‘The Forest Test’ introspects our unconscious selves:

Imagine walking through a forest. Let’s face it: you’re lost. You took a left turn when probably you should have gone right. Suddenly a large clearing appears. You haven’t seen the uninterrupted sky for hours. You hear animals.

There’s a cabin in the clearing. What to do? Go back into the forest? Knock? Probably don’t barge in…

Look a little closer- there’s a chandelier… a table (square? Circular?) with some chairs (three?). Squint and you see a jug on the table- probably glass. But you’re not sure. Is it full? Or empty? Difficult to tell from here…”

Software used: V-Ray, Rhino, Photoshop

“Damavand Villa” by Alireza KazemiradNiloofar zohrevand

kaz studio

“The project is in a cold village in Damavand, north of Tehran. The form of the villa is affected by the boundaries of neighboring properties. The boundaries had a very important role in the design for the architect. The snow made a strong contrast with the mud materials of the walls that expresses the importance of boundaries. Lines that could transform to architectural spaces by transforming them to volumes.”

Software used: V-Ray, 3ds Max

“the leaf of life” by Alireza Kazemirad

kaz studio

“Atmosphere filled with the noises but what is seen is a silent city after a rain. It is cold and wet. The project with its crowd and warmth has a strong contrast with its context. This might be a new try to get rid of night visualization’s clichés.”

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer

“New start” by Sanam Ebadnejad

“Not every story has a clear and straightforward narrative. Sometimes, the mystery is the story.
What is going on in this view? Is it a residential or an industrial area? It’s difficult to parse out without seeing what’s behind the camera. What is that man doing? Is he moving in? Or is he emptying out a space? The scene straddles hope and melancholy. Is it a joyes start at a new home or a business? Or is it the sad bookend of a chapter ending too soon? The allure of this picture is its ambivalent. It is not what it definitely is, but what it could be. I know what it is. I’ve seen the brief. What do you see?”

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

“Geysir” by Andrea Cogo


tamed nature
wet steel
fish scales
in the mist

boiling water
is their prey

they appear
in the distance
as the wilderness
fades away

Many atavic places on earth are subject to humanization and exploitation. The loss of wildlands damages biodiversity and can accelerate cimate change. Not only we need to preserve the health of our mother earth for future generations, it is also our responsibilty to preserve her beauty. Our childrens have the right to experience the same sense of awe that has inspired generations of artists since the dawn of time.

*The Great Geysir in southwestern Iceland has been active for approximately 10,000 years”

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

“Hanging by a Thread” by Jeremias Dabbah

Universidad de Buenos Aires

“Over the years, population density has been affected by great growth, thus generating constant urban changes, from changes in the perception of housing to the way in which the means of transportation are affected. These aspects make up a system that tries to balance the density to optimize the operation of the city.

Our image intends to portray the variety of situations that affect people living in Villa 31, one of the most famous slums in the city of Buenos Aires. While attempting to understand their stories and invites us to expose into this deteriorated reality. People of limited resources and numerous families live here extremely crowded, in deteriorated conditions and spend every day finding ways to adapt and survive.

Unrestrained density attempts to bear its own weight, beating gravity itself. However, it seems to expand endlessly. Those tired cables will not withstand the burden of time.”

Software used: SketchUp, Rhino, Lumion, Photoshop

“Its time to break” by Jesús Mejías


“The idea that inspired me for this image came from the moment we live in today. A moment of reflection, a moment of asking ourselves what is happening in the world, a moment of pause…”

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

“ISAURA, A city that moves entirely upward.” by Maria Karim

National College of Arts, Rawalpindi

“Take a look inside Italo Calvino’s imagination and it will tell you about all the different cities he visited and wrote about. Each with their own unique qualities and structures. One of these cities is Isaura. Isaura is called the city of a thousand wells. It rises above a subterranean lake which provides the whole city with water. According to the city’s religions, their gods either live in the deep lake or in the buckets rising from it. From the windlasses in the norias, the water pump handles, the blades of windmills, the reservoirs all the way up to the weathercocks on top of the airy scaffoldings of Isaura. A city that moves entirely upward.”

Software used: SketchUp, Lumion, Photoshop

“Mont Porteur” by Bahaa Alawieh

Valode et pister architectes

“Mont porteur literally means the mountain which is lifting something.
The space here is literally maintained by this mountain in the background. It’s a poetic way to let landscape implicated in a space, the framing here is done in a way to show off one Pilar in order to emphasize this landscape role in the physical equilibrium of the space.”

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

“The Oasis” by Nuno Salgueiro

Michael Laird Architects

“The main idea was to create a structure in the middle of a desert that would resemble a pyramid, the use of stacked up stone blocks reinforces this idea but instead of a portraying a “tomb”, the main objective was to generate a space that could provide shelter, rest and allow people to appreciate the natural light show provided by the several openings around the structure. At its centre a pond was created, the provider of life, represented by a tree and the wild life surrounding it, the Oasis. At the lowest level, a permeable stair will lead the most adventurous ones to the top where one can reflect and contemplate the amazing emptiness of the desert landscapes.”

Software used: V-Ray, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Photoshop

“ART IS FOR EVERYONE” by Anthony Schmidt, Ben Klumper, Dustin Couzens, Nicholas Tam
and David Vera

Modern Office of Design + Architecture

“Our image examines the polemics of socio-economic status and art. Over the last century art has been commodified and ‘sold’ as an elitist activity. As such, art is often enjoyed by only the privileged few. As testament to this fact, most edifices of culture are fortress-like buildings that conceal rather than reveal.

ART IS FOR EVERYONE seeks to invert the socio-economic exclusivity of art, opting instead for museums that give art back to the people and blur the boundaries between that which is contained from that which is not.”

Software used: V-Ray

“Flock House” by Daniel Temple and Alaina Temple

Notion Workshop

“Set in a high mountain prairie outside of Sun Valley, this image celebrates the fall season and the flock of sheep that pass by during the ‘Trailing of the Sheep’ festival each October. A warm autumnal light evokes the softness of the flock which tonally blend into the landscape. The snow is coming, the trees are starting to turn, and the sky has just the right amount of haze.”

Software used: 3ds Max, Revit, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

“Forest Pavilion” by Daniel Temple and Alaina Temple

Notion Workshop

“Deep in the woods where the deer hang out, sits a modern moody house with an ever-present glow. The Forest Pavilion project depicts an almost surreal rainforest landscape with a damp canopy of trees towering over the dwelling below. Late evening sunrays burst through a break in the densely wooded scene to cast light on the forest floor below.”

Software used: 3ds Max, Revit, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

“Surly Crab” by Daniel Temple and Alaina Temple

Notion Workshop

“Sometimes a picture really can tell a thousand words. We crafted a total of eight images for the Surly Crab project and this one came last. A compilation of everything we were trying to ‘say’ in the larger image set, all in one image. It is all about big picture, storytelling elements of this waterfront residence. Perched above the beach and woven through the landscape, the home looks out to the Olympic Mountains beyond while being anchored to the gently sloping site below. The sound of water and the warmth of the fire await.”

Software used: 3ds Max, Revit, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

“Hope” by Vanya Dimitrova


“The little girl walked into the temple and her attention was immediately drawn by a light so bright that she knew would remember forever. It was something she has never seen before. All of the sudden the dark reality of the outside world wouldn’t matter anymore as long as she kept looking at the light. She was so little, yet so wise… There was something intriguing in the way that even the dust seemed like magical mist. All was beautiful. There was hope.

Inspired by Tadao Ando’s Church of Light this project reminds us of that one sacred place and state of mind where we find solace in. Hope is there, as long as we remember to search for the light.”

Software used: V-Ray, 3ds Max, Photoshop

“The Future is Now!” by Sergey Golubev


“We all are inhabitants of spaces created by human. Whether it’s a building or outdoors, the space should be comfortable, do it’s function and be beautiful. Due to the modern technologies architects have a huge freedom in creating complicated forms. Many years ago we could only imagine what we can do nowadays. The Future is Now!”

Software used: Corona Renderer

“Noah’s Ark” by Tai Toh and Tai Wei


“Mankind has irreversibly created a profoundly altered planet because of fossil-fuel-driven civilization. With the misdeed of mankind controlling greenhouse gases and global warming, rising sea level became more destructive for the world’s coastal cities and flooding billions of homes, forcing people to seek shelter from container ships with the remnants of plant samples and animals. Container ships were once carrying containerload and were then carrying humanity’s hope.

A century of voyage finally bought the ship to the ground after an extreme climate reversal vaporizing the ocean. The ship was made redundant but fortunate for the voyager with botanical resources and living stocks, the ship remains became an oasis shelter in the middle of the dry sea.

“This is just the beginning of the end for mankind’s Noah’s Ark.””

Software used: Other

“When smooth meets rough” by Rory Noble-Turner

University College London

“It is estimated that Colombia’s emerald trade accounts for up to 80% of the global emerald market. With their unique gemmological properties, Colombian emeralds have long captivated jewellers, instilling green fever in both colonisers and tribespeople for generations.

The image depicts the central gem gallery of an emerald trade centre and public museum to be located in the heart of Bogota’s emerald district. Held high above the heads of public visitors is one of three translucent trade suite pods, dedicated to secure deals between private emerald traders and brokers.

I approached my design with the precision of a jewellery maker, inspired by the successive stages of mining, faceting and setting an emerald, in an attempt to create a materially rich interior of wonder and desire. The building hopes to mark a new chapter in trade, demystifying the Colombian emerald, and providing a worthy home for the country’s most priceless jewels.”

Software used: 3ds Max, Rhino, Other

“The path to the future” by Bogdan Begmat

CUUB studio

“In this visual concept, we attempted to imagine an ideal house that we all seek to make a home. Our parametric buildings with curving forms visualize how strongly architecture, technology and nature are interconnected. This rendering beautifully captured the very sense of mystery. To amplify this mystique atmosphere, we applied sunlight effects which enabled us to transmit certain enigma of this place and to maximize immediate visual impact.

With maximum respect to nature and with minimal ecological impact, we envisioned one-storey buildings with mirrored facades reflecting the surrounding forest, to fully integrate our dwellings into this environment. Thanks to their unique lightweight these houses could be easily transported and moved around using carbon railways to enable travel with the home. In-built smart technologies personalize the interior according to the personal necessities and preferences, managing all aspects of their daily routine and making this dwelling personalized and easy-to-use.”

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

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