One Rendering Challenge: The 100 Finalists (Part 4)

Explore a further 25 extraordinary architectural renderings, each one a Finalist in the 2020 One Rendering Challenge.

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Explore a further 25 extraordinary architectural visualizations, each one a Finalist in the 2nd Annual One Rendering Challenge. Let us know which are your favorites on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #OneRenderingChallenge!

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“Social Distancing” by Matheus Carvalho

IPOG – Instituto de Pós Graduação

“This is the story of a planet whose inhabitants were forced to distance themselves in order to survive. It is a journey of separation, introspection, hope and reunion. Visitors are encouraged to separate themselves while walking in two parallel paths 2m apart from one another. When the first curve begins to ascend, we are forced to distance ourselves but we can still see each other, walking towards the same goal. At one point, we find ourselves alone, knowing that our loved one is going through the same situation on the other side. Then, we can finally see each other again while still maintaining a certain level of distancing for a while, until the final curve flattens to zero, and we can be together again.”

Software used: SketchUp, Lumion, Photoshop

“The Journey” by Akash Moish

“This image is a part of a personal project, a visitor center located at Iceland black lava fields between Mývatn lake and Hverfjall volcano. The Idea behind this image was to show the journey of a visitor from the lake to the Volcano, through the beautiful landscape of iceland and within the portrayal of the landscape there are guiding lines that leads the viewers eyes to the visitor center that is located in between the lake in foreground and the volcano in the background.”

Software used: V-Ray, Rhino, Photoshop

“Safe Zone #67” by Johnny Ramos

“In a dystopian future, humanity has been forced to relocate to designated safe zones in order to protect themselves from the dangerous outside world. First inhabited by only a handful of families, these safe zones have expanded to hold hundreds of thousands of people and refugees. Because of the rapid increase in population, the towers are constant state of organic growth. In a testament to the human spirit, the residents of these towers show their creativity by displaying their spray painted art, and show their cultural pride by displaying their various countries’ flags. Hundreds of people flock to the safe zones daily, most of them just looking for a way to survive the harsh world.”

Software used: Blender, Photoshop

“Early Departure” by Nazarii DerkachAlex Nizhnikovskiy

“It was 6:00 a.m. A cold and gloomy November morning. That day I got to the train station earlier than usual. I was struck by this place being practically deserted.”

Software used: V-Ray, 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

“Santa Claus running away from 2020” by Vardan Serafimov

Vardan Serafimov

“Santa Claus running away from 2020! Pretty clear and self-explanatory. It’s been a tough and difficult year for most of us, although there have been some good moments too. For those willing to look for an opportunity in whatever life deals to you there have been some occasions for personal growth and prosperity. Anyway Santa has had enough and he can’t wait for this year to end and the next one to start. He’s speeding away from 2020 and looking forward to 2021. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

Software used: V-Ray, 3ds Max, Photoshop

“House on the Railtrack” by Mihhail JassinoverAnton VoloshinAnton AleknavitsjusMihhail Jassinover

Yellow Studio (Beatus Plus OÜ)

“This CGI was created for the residential development of a historical and unique district in Tallinn – Noblessner.

The history of Noblessner started in 1912 when Imperial Russia’s submarine shipyard was established here. Within the last 5 years, it has been transformed from a restricted industrial area into a human-friendly marina district. The historical architecture of Imperial shipyards harmonically combined with the marina and new real estate developments.

5 new buildings will be raised on the railtrack that used to be a shipyard’s marine slipway with beautiful view at the seafront. Hard landscape design elements such as lighting units, ventilation pipes are styled to match old shipyard’s design.”

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

“Bothy” by Graeme Wallace

Halliday Fraser Munro

“A whiff of smoke on the chilly air is often the first sign. Then a faint glimmer of light floats in the darkness ahead. Out of the gloom ahead a chimney, stone walls, and the light From a glowing window thick in condensation.
My Journeys end.

Who will I meet in this little cottage, far from anywhere? Will I be welcome? Will I find a warm reception, a spot by the fire, A space to roll out my sleeping mat and bed down for the night?

Strangers who would be unlikely to exchange even the merest greeting on a city street
Share talk of politics, tales of mountain epics, and wax lyrical about wild places of this land.
The evening passes in a warm fug of song, laughter and chat until the flames fade in the grate and only the red embers glow.”

Software used: V-Ray, SketchUp, Photoshop

“Big Birds” by Valentin Baijot

Beiler François Fritsch

“Based on an existing project, we added a free interpretation of the exterior facilities. In a cold and gloomy atmosphere, a change of perspective might entirely reverse the feelings of the spectator.
Resembling this special year 2020, actually …”

Software used: V-Ray, 3ds Max, Photoshop

“Sun hit” by Francisco Tirado

Cobe Architects

“I always got amazed by the summer long evenings in the north, where the sun barely goes off on the longest days of the year, and right there, when the sun is touching the horizon line, if you look around you can see incredible reflections and redish tones everywhere. Is a magic moment that last very short, but it generates so beautiful colours and shadows. I wanted to capture this lighing on a scene, and then I modeled this skyscrapper and stadium complex basically for this image, is a complete comcept design that I generated to make it work as best as I could on this image, and of course later I have been using it for learning purposes, and generated more visuals of it.”

Software used: V-Ray, 3ds Max

“Ideal Power Station” by Hwanil Chang


“‘IDEAL POWER STATION’ presents an anaerobic digester power station along with an exhibition space, a green-land system and hotel. The goal of my project is to preserve and amplify the old value of Charleroi as well as to add new value by revitalization and ultimately, showing it to the public as an exhibition.

The goal of this project is to preserve and amplify the old value of Charleroi as well as to add new value by revitalization and ultimately, showing it to the public as an exhibition. In the past, due to a coal burning energy based economy, this area had a high level of air pollution, as well as environmental destruction. So, I wanted to renew this place into an eco-friendly anaerobic power station and exhibit the past and future value to the visitors. Ultimately it could lead to a revived industrial district, with ‘nature tourism’ and clean air.”

Software used: V-Ray, Rhino, Lumion, Photoshop

“The Shining Lost in Confusion” by Peeanan Kamdee

Illustrations on Demand

“In the chaotic world we live, there is a lot going on around us that we have zero control over. There are too many people, things, information, stories, dreams, and etc. It is the feeling overwhelmed. We are each finite human being, with finite energy and abilities, attempting to get through an infinite amount. We feel a social pressure to “do it all”, at work and at home. I found the word ‘Sensory gating’ describing neurological processes of filtering out redundant or unnecessary stimuli in the brain from all possible environmental stimuli.

At a moment I feel peace to embrace the chaos meaning to accept the uncertainty of life and move forward. Take action despite not knowing how things will turn out. I focus on things that are important to what I want to do.”

Software used: V-Ray, 3ds Max, Photoshop

“Floating Vestiges” by Timlok LiRenee Gao

Columbia University

“Sometime in one of our distant futures or in the past of another universe, the city has been emancipated from the ground. In this world, architecture is given new agency: it is siteless, indeterminate, a free particle that defies conventional principles of material permanence. The buildings of this timeline float above the old ground, vestiges of civilizations that have since disappeared. In these communities, people and cultures from all walks of life are welcome. The architecture is an aggregation of different styles and eras long past: imperial China, dieselpunk airships, downtown Tokyo, and American roadside architecture all come together on this flying object—and as it moves, it grows, collecting more of these historical fragments. The architecture of this world is constantly changing; it is not defined by when or where. Like the clouds, these vestiges are ephemeral but vibrant: a reimagination of what our cities could be.”

Software used: V-Ray, 3ds Max, Rhino

“tapetum lucidum” by Alireza Kazemirad and Milad Tatar

kaz studio

“This project is intended to be built in one of Iran’s wildlife conservation sites, and the renderings of the design was entrusted to our studio.

Most architectural renderings try to envision the project in a sharp and visible state that is clear enough to be able to be realized for construction . Yet in visualizing this project, we tried to envision it from the eyes of nature; The light from the car of a wildlife ranger is lighting up the scene, which puts an emphasis on the shadows and the darkness behind. To further emphasize on this matter and to focus more on the nature, most of the project is shrouded in darkness, yet the light is illuminating the two deer. Using this strategy, we tried to illustrate the superiority of nature to man-made structures”

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

“Solivagant no more” by Joe Parayno

Binyan Studios

“Terrified of the pandemic but sick of the isolation, the owner of the house yearns to travel again. Tired of being stuck at home, he hitched his house on a giant balloon to make it fly. On the far side of the world, a hiker goes on a journey away from the dangers and chaos caused by the pandemic. On a chance encounter, the hiker stumbles upon the flying house. Driven by the same desire for an adventure, they fly away together to discover the world. Two solitary wanderers with the same aspiration, now they are solivagants no more.

The rendering portrays a fantasy-inspired flying house for those who yearns for travel and adventure in these times of isolation. It is a surreal take on our longing to travel freely, hopeful and positive that soon we can go on adventures again.”

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

“Phygital Habitat” by Ryan Wai Yin Tung

Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL)

“Phygital Habitat uses video game elements and brings them into the physical world to solve real-life dilemmas. Through the introduction of mixed reality and gamification, the project provides a vision to utilize both to bring architecture and community back into life.

In Japan, there is a lot of post-war housing called Danchi. These buildings, once the representation of a generation’s memory and lifestyle, are succumbing to their fate as the nation’s vision of new building policies called for their demolition. The project not only speculates on an alternative way of living, but also saves the existing Danchi. It is a prototype which is capable for everyone, while providing both physical and virtual gaming and living experience.”

Software used: Photoshop, Other

“The House of Rising Sun” by Bogdan Begmat

CUUB studio

“Our idea was to create an interactive composition with architecture being a plastic system interacting with other systems (including humans). This poured concrete, almost-monolithic architectural structure communicates with human through its form, appearance and reflected light. Despite the brutalist style, known as unwelcoming and inhuman, in this composition human is a part and logical continuity of the architecture. Muted materials, minimalistic form and massive brutal appearance highlight the emotional power of space. Rough, unfinished surfaces inside the structure contrast with the mirror-like water surface. Calm nature landscape of a sunset accompanies the round-shaped building and creates peaceful and silence atmosphere.”

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

“TREES” by Norviska Norviska


“This project is envisioned in the Japanese countryside, during the autumn season. The building is owned by a multinational NGO and it is the home of a “doomsday seed bank”, where the information for almost all the trees, plants and flowers in the world is storaged.
Visitors must follow a strict protocol to enter, since the vault is maintained at a low temperature. The curves in the architectural design help the wind control the temperature and function for months with no electricity.”

Software used: 3ds Max, Photoshop

“The tower of my dreams” by Petr Kornishin

Sole proprietor

“This is an image of my memories, which contains an idea of home and a moment in time from childhood.

The house is a tower in which you can see the features of different objects – a greenhouse for cucumbers, a toilet, a barn with a hayloft and an endless staircase …
A moment in time is a cold winter evening when my family came to visit my grandmother and everyone basked by the stove and listened to her magical stories …”

Software used: 3ds Max, Photoshop

“Flowing spaces through strong structures” by Gabriel Andrei Alexoiu

Univeristy of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu

“Our needs constantly change. For some of us changes take years, for others just a few months are enough for twists and changes to happen in their lives. The last year revealed that our classic apartments can’t always accommodate most of our new needs. You realize that you want a bigger living room, or you can leave behind another room for a small terrace and a new home office. How could this look like in real life?

So, imagine a place for living, a structure where you buy empty boxes in grids, and shape your own space, individual and suitable for your ever changing needs and personality. Now you don’t have to leave your community, you just have to rethink your space.”

Software used: V-Ray, 3ds Max

“Suspended Reality” by Eric Reid


“How has the pandemic affected society? What will change in the future?

The year 2020 is an un precedented period of upheaval. It will be remembered as a time of upheaval, fear and uncertainty world-wide. Each person has been affected differently and we all had to cope and adapt to the new normal. The hope is things will go back to the way they used to be, but nobody knows.

This year has felt as if everything was flipped upside-down and the world was untethered. We were forced to accept the new reality and figure out how to survive this suspended reality. We must accept this new perspective in order to progress and appreciate the simple things. Awakened with a fresh perspective, we can approach this time as an opportunity, not a problem.

Inspiration: David Chipperfield, Blade Runner 2049, James Turrell”

Software used: V-Ray, 3ds Max, Photoshop

“Joint Structures” by Nash Hurley, Jean-Pierre Monclin and Sonja Guth

Vital Architecture

“As we evolve into a work-from-anywhere economy, our architecture will need to evolve along with us – more than just providing ample daylight and fresh air for enhanced individual health, we will need an architecture that will allow us to rewild our world to support global health. Joint Structures is one such architectural solution – optimized for how people work, designed to expand experience without expanding our ecological footprint.

It is the skyscraper for distributed work – in a near future when autonomous mobility, ropeless elevators and communication technology have developed to the point where work-from-anywhere is a well-practiced reality. In this technologically-augmented future, we believe our work will remain fundamentally a human endeavor, and our architecture will need to continue to support us in how we come together in small groups to tackle complex tasks and cluster in larger groups for a sense of belonging and shared purpose.”

Software used: SketchUp, Rhino, Photoshop, Other

“The City’s Year Forlorn” by Jason Hall and Michael Leckie


O Nature! I do not aspire
To be the highest in thy quire,—
To be a meteor in the sky,
Or comet that may range on high;
Only a zephyr that may blow
Among the reeds by the river low;
Give me thy most privy place
Where to run my airy race.

In some withdrawn, unpublic mead
Let me sigh upon a reed,
Or in the woods, with leafy din,
Whisper the still evening in:
Some still work give me to do,—
Only—be it near to you!

For I’d rather be thy child
And pupil, in the forest wild,
Than be the king of men elsewhere,
And most sovereign slave of care:
To have one moment of thy dawn,
Than share the city’s year forlorn.

– Henry David Thoreau”

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

“Fragments of a shattered world” by Tul Srisompun

“What kind of place is we live in today?

It a place where there is no longer any world, only a fragment of a universe, an amorphous mass consisting of an infinite number of more or less neutral concrete and glass towers in which man moves and governed by the obligation of an existence incorporated into a modern society. A place without a true center, a place without an axis Mundi. Yet, there exist bubbles of a private universe of groups and individuals try making their way through fragments of a shattered world.

This image aim to paints many modern lives, a struggle that coexisted with in the city behind the façade of a building.”

Software used: Rhino, Blender, Photoshop

“A Whisper Between Humans and Nature” by Alberto PasqualettoLara ClementeAlberto Pasqualetto

Binyan Studios

“The Streptomyces bacteria gave us inspiration for our image and introduced us to the idea of filamentous growth patterns.

This bacteria grows in various environments. Starting from a spore, as it takes shape, it spreads into a dense network of branching vegetative hyphae and spores. We imagined a triangular installation of lights, rather than an organic structure, to give the feeling of a distinctly digital beginning both in its design and generation.

A thin translucent layer of material is wrapped around the frames. It contributes to dematerializing the installation while allowing lights to illuminate the park like a lantern at night, exuding a glow that guides visitors into the city park.”

Software used: 3ds Max, Photoshop

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