Mobalco Cocinas Flagship Store // Rubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura

Valencia, Spain

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Text description provided by the architects.

The Flagship Store&Showroom of Cocinas Mobalco is located on the ground level property in the Ferrer Building (from the year 1905), on the corner of Cirilo Amorós and Pizarro Streets. This building is an excellent example of Modernism or, more specifically, of the Sezession movement. The commercial space of trapezoidal plan has been used for many different purposes and as a result is void of all architectural value due to its scarce respect for the original construction.

The intervention consists of disposing of all inappropriate elements to recover the essence of the original site. Respectfully true to this idea by uncovering all of the original exposed brick walls, from the perimeter walls to the interior walls and the characteristic rounded arches. All of the scars created from the passage and underrunning of the antique installations are visible.

With the same idea in mind, the original beams and their white beam fills are recovered, and the wooden picture windows are restored. The only intervention, a few apparently simple horizontal white bands around the perimeter, subtly placed above the dividing walls, to allow for the installation of the plumbing, electricity and sound system that provide service to the space.

Such service also includes the indirect illumination that bathes the brick structures, the projectors that light up the vaults, and the hanging luminaires that illuminate every subspace. The rest, the kitchens of Mobalco..

Mobalco Cocinas Flagship Store Gallery

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