Tech for Architects: 7 Top Tools for Architectural Project Management

Looking to take your projects to another level? Check out our selection of the best project management tools to use for architecture.

Eirini Makarouni Eirini Makarouni

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In order to turn their designs into realities, architects need to delve into the world of project management. From resource allocation to budget tracking, as well as maintaining effective communication and collaboration amongst all stakeholders, project management is imperative in the fields of architecture and construction.

Although, most of the time, this particular role is not the most exciting for those “creative” types, a series of amazing tools have been developed throughout the years to make this complicated process smoother and lead to successful results. Innovative interfaces, simple, on-the-go marking and annotation tools, integrated IFC viewers, Kanban boards, and AI-powered team-building features transform architectural project management into a seamless and even “playful” process.

Without further ado, here are the top seven tools that unlock unprecedented capabilities in architectural project management. You can read more about each and search for other tech tools for architects in our Tech Directory:


Best Architectural Tech Tool for Time and Budget Tracking


Tracktive is the ultimate work management tool that tracks time and productivity as well as expenses and disbursements, along with producing advanced reports and SR&ED Solutions. It includes features such as flexible timesheet tracking, powerful expense reporting and is also effortlessly integrated with existing software. It is an ideal tool for project operation, time billing and Human Capital management.



Architectural Tech Tool for Drawing Management


Bricks is a software tool specifically tailored for architecture projects that are under construction. It monitors tasks, visualizes the project’s progress and shares files across all participants, allowing them to review any documents or drawings centrally uploaded to the program. It includes a Kanban board tool to monitor progress smoothly, an IFC viewer to access an array of drawing formats as well as a time tracking feature accessible to every individual team member.

Contractor Foreman

Best Architectural Project Management Tool for Beginners

Contractor Foreman is a powerful project management program that includes an array of easy-to-use features: daily logs, punch lists, to-dos and scheduling allows architects to track the progress of their projects, while tools such as work orders, inspections and a permit manager ensure that all the necessary documentation is up to date. For a more effective collaboration, Contractor Foreman also offers real-time and field collaboration options as well as multiple Kanban views and filters.


Best Architectural Tech Tool for Field Reports

ArchiSnapper is a field report & punch list software perfect for on-site visits and architects on the go. It is available on all mobile devices and includes a series of paperless inspection tools. Architects can simply snap a photo of the site, record observations and annotate drawings or photos digitally as well as automatically produce field inspections through the SafetySnapper tool. Finally, the share and collaborate features include scheduling weekly updates, communicating pending tasks as well as send emails in which floor plans are numbered with location pointers or other annotation for more effective collaboration.


Best Architectural Tech Tool for Task Monitoring

Asana connects work across different departments, offering clarity and accountability to each team member. Its groundbreaking feature, Goals, goes beyond simple task monitoring, specifically outlining the mission, key subgoals and prioritizing the more important work, while tracking works in the background and becomes almost automatic. In addition, it can also produce reporting dashboards, portfolios as well as status updates. Asana will soon release a new AI feature that will greatly streamline all work management processes.


Best Tech Tool for Architectural Document Management

zipBoard is the perfect tool for managing all documentation related to planning permissions as well as construction tenders. The software includes a central project dashboard, in-built document markup tools, a task manager, filters and auto-generated reports to streamline all non-design operations. It is also easily integrated with existing software and accessible from any browser, thus allowing clients, architects, consultants and contractors to review documents effortlessly.


Best Tech Tool for Architectural Resource Management

Mosaic is an advanced AI-powered management and forecasting software. Its agile interface for resource planning provides transparency into the work undertaken by every team member, balancing the collective workload. In addition, simple drag-and-drop functionality, dependencies and powerful automation makes rescheduling effortless, while an integrated AI Team Builder combines properties such as skills, availability and other set requirements to assemble project teams.

How to Better Leverage Project Management Tools in Architecture

The following tips and considerations will help you maximise the potential of project management tools in architecture, as well as avoid common pitfalls associated with this fast-emerging technology.

Do not underestimate the power of face time: Project management goes beyond task tracking and document reviews. Even though technology has made most of these processes automatic and accessible via computer devices, human interaction remains an essential part of effective collaboration. Whether it is between independent stakeholders or project team members, physical communication builds stronger relationships and a more human-centric work ethic.

Hierarchy in operations is imperative: Most project management tools include easy to use features that are readily accessible to all team members. Still, it is important to set up a structured workflow prior to starting a project and define the key personnel responsible to assign tasks, monitor progress and have a general overview of the whole team, thus preventing bottlenecks and ensuring that the project stays on track.

Beware of the central dashboard: A project management tool’s “hub” or central dashboard usually includes a plethora of different information all seamlessly interconnected under the project umbrella. Admittedly, this automation has revolutionized the project management process. However, architects need to ensure that all data is up-to-date and meticulously verified. A wrong drawing or document could cause serious errors or delays in any project stage.

Architizer’s Tech Directory is a database of tech tools for architects — from the latest generative design and AI to rendering and visualization3D modelingproject management and many more. Explore the complete library of categories here.

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