Free: 10 HDRi Spherical Skies for Use in Your Architectural Visualizations

It’s official: The (HDRi) sky is no longer the limit.

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It’s official: The (HDRi) sky is no longer the limit. Answering the call of architecture students, professionals and visualizers, the team at Viz-People is offering a free set of spherical environmental maps that are sure to enhance the spatial and temporal qualities of visualizations. Viz-People’s HDRi v1 Pack, which would usually set you back €50, also includes tone-mapped PNG versions of each sky. Both HDRi and PNG maps come as 360-degree spherical maps that perfectly wrap the environment of the scene, and each comes in an impressively large size of 12,000 pixels by 5,800 pixels.

Without further ado, click here to download your free HDRi maps now.

The 10 dynamic range images within the v1 pack are highly varied in color and tone, covering different times of day and a mix of weather conditions. “We took an effort to make this collection as useful as it gets, from early morning, across midday and night,” said Viz-People.

Via Viz-People

For those with more advanced visualization needs, the HDRi V2 pack offers double the resolution quality of HDRi v1 at 24,000px length. Similar to HDRi v1, the v2 10-image collection has maps that correspond to varying times and weather patterns as well as a set of tone-mapped maps.

Finally, HDRi v3 is the pièce de résistance of the map collection. Shot with a high-end DSLR and crystal sharp lens, the collection provides ultra-large images of high-intensity texture and value, critical for creating the kind of dramatic scenes that feature compelling shadows and color saturation. The images of this collection underwent great care in setting up the shot to capture the best possible effect.

The skies vary in tone and mood to suit every type of rendering; via Viz-People.

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