Fiverr’s Freelancers Are on a Mission to Make Architectural Services Accessible to All

The new Architecture and Building Design store has the potential to change the game for freelance services in the AEC industry.

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The One Rendering Challenge is underway, with designers, renderers and modelers vying for top prizes of $2,500, professional rendering software packages and global recognition. The Early Entry period ends at midnight November 22nd, so be sure to submit your rendering before then to be in the running:

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For this unique ideas competition, Architizer is thrilled to be partnering with Fiverr, the digital freelance marketplace that’s changing how the world works together. Fiverr constitutes the perfect partner for a contest that highlights the talent of modern rendering artists, particularly given the latest addition to their platform: The new Architecture and Building Design store has the potential to change the game for freelance services in the AEC industry, including services like Virtual Staging, 3D Modeling & Rendering, 2D drawings, Planning & Design, and more.

The “ArchViz” business is now a multi-billion-dollar industry, with rendering studios situated around the globe. For many architects, though, communicating their designs through the medium of visualization feels like a luxury they can’t afford. With plans, construction details and specifications to complete on relentlessly tight schedules, there is rarely hours left in the day to create the kind of beautiful rendering that can help bring your project to life and inspire your client’s trust.

All the Architecture & Building Design Services You Need

This is where Fiverr’s fleet of creative freelancers comes in.

Specialists on the platform offer architects the chance to enrich their client presentations with additional 3D models and renderings, diagrams, exploded axonometric models and more, all at the click of the button. Outsourcing these services allows architects to focus on multiple projects at once, safe in the knowledge that those time-consuming tasks are being taken care of by a trusted designer.

A rendering by fiverr freelancer xrender

In addition to helping them to save time, the Fiverr freelancers’ flexible pricing also provides architects with peace-of-mind regarding budget. They can see how much a particular service will cost up front, and they can outsource renderings on a case-by-case basis, adapting the quantity of commissions to suit their evolving budget. Working with freelancers in this way, architects can avoid getting tied into a long-term contract with a large consulting firm. If a freelancer does a good job and an architect sees fit to commission them again, they can do so. It’s a low risk model that is perfect for the unpredictable nature of the AEC industry.

A rendering by fiverr freelancer ga_lago

Services offered in the new store include visualization for both interiors and exteriors, as well as landscape design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) services. Many of the freelancers have degrees in architecture, landscape architecture or urban design, and their credentials are backed up by user reviews and a portfolio of their work. Images of previous commissions are available to livestudy, bringing a welcome element of transparency to proceedings — architects can easily identify a freelancer whose graphic style matches their preference.

As well as 3D modeling and rendering services, Fiverr’s verified Pros offer even more specialized services pertaining to Building Information Modeling (BIM). Different freelance offerings include the on-demand BIM 3D modeling services, the creation of complex façade and parametric Revit families, clash detection and BIM coordination reports, and construction simulation videos. One could also imagine sun studies, energy calculations and complete client presentations being provided through the platform — the possibilities go on.

A rendering by fiverr freelancer herrytin453

A New Way to Collaborate, From Concept to Construction

Fiverr’s dynamic new AEC store reflects the changing ways in which contemporary buildings are being brought to life, from concept to construction. “The rise in new technologies and tools like parametric and 3D design software have not only raised the market cap of the industry but have fundamentally changed how work is done,” explained the Fiverr team upon announcing the launch.

“The new store and architecture related services will give specialists who understand how to use these new technologies the opportunity to work with a global audience of high intent, professional customers – opening their services to millions of people and providing an additional revenue stream for them. It will also give businesses and agencies specializing in architecture, construction and even real estate, the opportunity to tap into this talent, on-demand.”

A rendering produced by a fiverr freelancer tmarchteam

It will be fascinating to see how the architecture store evolves in the coming months, and which sellers rise to the top as the “go-to” service providers for design, engineering and construction. Whatever happens, the prospect of young architecture firms being catalyzed by on-demand freelance services is an exciting one. It seems only a matter of time before an entire building is completed by Fiverr’s truly global team of entrepreneurs.

Make sure to check out Fiverr’s new Architecture and Building Design store for yourself, and submit your best visualization for the One Rendering Challenge before the Early Bird Deadline on November 22.