TOTO’s High-Tech Toilet Combines Aesthetics With Performance

The new 1G Tornado Flush Toilets from TOTO bring the latest design trends and engineering to the bathroom.

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Toilets are one of the biggest areas of innovation in the home, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest technology. New toilets are using less water than ever, and bidet-style washing capabilities are expanding across the industry. For architects and designers selecting toilets, it can be hard to know what’s truly the best option out there. Fortunately, the specialist designers at TOTO are able to help.

This world-renowned manufacturer is well aware that water conservation is one of the biggest concerns for architects when selecting bathroom fixtures. As the issue of water waste has come to the forefront of consumers’ minds — often in conjunction with LEED or other sustainability goals — manufacturers have pushed to create more efficient fixtures. To that end, TOTO has developed their ultra-efficient 1G Toilets that use only one gallon per flush.

“We wanted to create stylish toilets that exceeded the current water efficiency standards,” said Bill Strang, TOTO’s President of Operations. “Our Tornado Flush technology was already existing with a 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF). We had to find a way to reduce that to a 1.0 GPF without sacrificing flushing performance.”

NEOREST AC featuring 1G Tornado Flush technology

NEOREST AC featuring 1G Tornado Flush technology

The challenge with toilets that use very little water is making sure that they can still get waste out of the bowl. Toilets with a weak flush might not be able to remove enough solid waste with each flush, or the bowl could be left with a streaky residue.

The engineers at TOTO improved their toilet technology to get an efficient flush that still gets the job done. “We implemented the 1G Tornado Flush gravity-fed system,” Strang said. “This system uses nozzles instead of rim holes to siphon water and create a cyclonic rinsing action that spins away any debris with every flush.”

Flush, glaze and cleaning technology diagram

The technology of the TOTO 1G Tornado Flush Toilets differentiates these products from that of any other brand. Strang explained, “Our 1G Tornado Flush Toilets uses gravity to power an ultra-efficient and quiet one-gallon flush. Other manufacturers use noisy pressure-assist technology that can become expensive to maintain.”

TOTO’s edge isn’t limited to the flush technology. It is baked into the toilet itself. A specialized surface keeps the bowl pristine. “Our 1G Toilets also feature CeFiONtect — an extremely smooth, ionized glaze that repels debris and keeps the toilet cleaner, longer,” Strang said.

Developing this state-of-the-art technology is not an easy process. It requires a large, established manufacturer that has enough resources to invest in such an intensive project. TOTO toilets undergo exhaustive tests before they reach the market to ensure that they can handle any scenario. “The most important steps involve extensive proprietary flushing tests using media that closely resembles real world situations for a more balanced flush,” Strang said.

A bathroom with a range of TOTO’s state-of-the-art furnishings

A bathroom with a range of TOTO’s state-of-the-art furnishings

Being a forward-thinking company, TOTO is continuing to push the 1G toilets to the next level. “Our 1G Toilets have already started evolving,” Strang said.” We’ve now introduced the Connect+ 1G system that pairs a specially-designed 1G Toilet with WASHLET for the ultimate in comfort, hygiene and water-saving performance.”

The WASHLET electronic bidet system brings the most advanced Japanese technology to a global market, extending a nozzle out from under the toilet seat that shoots water up at the user at a variable intensity. The user can control how much water is sprayed and the exact positioning of the jet.

TOTO's 1G Toilet with WASHLET bidet seat upgrade

TOTO’s 1G Toilet with WASHLET bidet seat upgrade

Beyond just designing the toilets, the manufacturer also has to be able to produce them at a large scale with reliable results. TOTO, a globally trusted brand, produces the 1G Toilets in the United States. “Our 1G Toilets are crafted in our state-of-the-art facilities in Georgia,” Strang said, which makes the product easily accessible to the American market.

Strang says that users of the 1G Toilets have been pleased with the results. “The reception has been very positive. We even have several case studies from the hospitality industry citing the water savings, ease of maintenance and money saved from installing our 1G Toilets.”

With its carefully crafted blend of form and function, TOTO’s 1G Tornado Flush Toilets set a new standard for the best in contemporary bathroom furniture technology.

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