Architecture on the Market: A Cliffside Home Rises as a Glimmering Oasis in the Sonoran Desert

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Rising from a hillside in the Southwestern American city of Tucson is a glowing residential oasis designed by award-winning architect Rick Joy. Nestled amidst the shrubs and cacti, this modernist-inspired home appears as if it has extruded from the landscape. The scorched and weathered Cor-Ten façade of the home creates a natural extension from the arid and rugged landscape of the surrounding Sonoran desert.

Permeated by a horizontal striping of windows, the punctuated façade appears almost to dissolve into the hillside. From inside, these panoramic windows, reminiscent of Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye, frame a cinematic portrait of the plains below.

While the front of the house grapples with the steep elevation of the hillside, it extends backwards on a level plane. The protected façade gives way to a living area which is completely open to the elements, opening up beyond a Cor-Ten gateway of sorts to a concrete patio and a glimmering pool.

Situated between the rigid frame of the house and the jagged cliff-face, the pool presents itself as a kind of desert oasis, equipped with a number of formal illusions which heighten the fantastical atmosphere. A narrow bride extending over the glassy pool gives one the impression of walking on water. The side of the pool closest to the home appears to spill over into a descending stairwell.

© Jeff Goldberg/Esto

© Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Encapsulating the mirage-like quality of the home, the structure itself evokes a sense of perpetual motion, floating volumes and planes appearing to shift from three- to two-dimensional, from solid to void, from grounded to weightless.

This compelling oasis is currently featured in a national building museum exhibit through 2017 and is back on the market for the lofty price of $3,999,999. Head over to Brick & Wonder for more information on how to pursue Rick Joy’s stunning desert home.

© Jeff Goldberg/Esto

© Jeff Goldberg/Esto

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