Sharing Different Heartbeats: Stereotank’s Playable V-Day Drum in Times Square

Gabrielle Golenda Gabrielle Golenda

Image via Arch Daily

Until March 8, any pedestrian passing through Times Square can drum up a beat for the heart-shaped, Mini-Cooper-sized sculpture in the crossroads of the world. Brooklyn-based Stereotank designed “HeartBeat” to glow to the rhythm of strong, deep, low-frequency heartbeat sound that would inspire visitors to play the various percussion instruments built into its sides.

Image via Architecture Magazine

The sculpture is this year’s Time’s Square Valentine Heart, the seventh in an annual competition hosted by the Times Square Alliance, and this year with the Architectural League of New York. The installation was selected in December and opened to the public on February 9th.

Images via Architecture Magazine

In the iconic and sleepless habitat of Times Square, “HeartBeat” orchestrates a pulsating urban concert. So, what’s common between love and music? “Love is about sharing and being ‘in tune’ with somebody, so it is the creation of music, a concert is a combined action where the performers are also ‘in tune’ creating harmony,” say Sara Valente and Marcelo Ertorteguy of Stereotank. “Heartbeat orchestrates Times Square’s unique, active, flickering atmosphere.”

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