Future Fest: Watch Koichi Takada Speak About Biomimetic Architecture and the Future of Green Design

Koichi Takada will take to the #ArchitizerFutureFest stage this September to ask “What Should Future Architecture Be Made Of?”

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If you’re interested in learning how the relationship between nature and architecture will evolve in the years to come, we have great news: Koichi Takada will speak at Architizer Future Fest this September!

As the Founder and Principal of the multiple A+Award-winning Australian firm Koichi Takada Architects, Koichi will take to the Future Fest stage to present his ideas on the future of green design in his talk “What Should Future Architecture Be Made Of?”. The virtual live talk is scheduled to take place on September 26, and is 100% free for attendees. Register to attend Koichi’s presentation during our biggest ever celebration of architectural innovation:

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Koichi Takada is at the forefront of a new wave of architects bringing back nature and traditional forms into the urban environment. Through his practice, which he established in 2008, Koichi has brought a Japanese sensibility to Australian Architecture thanks to a commitment to organic structures and a consideration for human experience. He has invested himself in forms of architecture that speak to local landscapes, heritage, and traditions. As a leading innovator in biomimetic architecture, Koichi strives for buildings that sensibly connect to nature, to urban surroundings and to people.

Top right: Arc, Quadruple A+Award Winner in 2019; Bottom left: Norfolk, Burleigh Heads, A+Awards Jury and Popular Choice Winner in the Mid Rise Multi Unit Housing category.

Koichi Takada Architects is a design group based in Sydney with offices in Doha and Tokyo. The firm emphasizes the creation of organically inspired places that seek to humanize and naturalize the urban environment. Through a series of award-winning designs, the growing practice is gaining an international reputation, with projects in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Tokyo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Doha and Mexico City, and many more planned on nearly every continent.

During his wide-ranging presentation, Koichi will explore the architect’s responsibility in addressing the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow. What role will plants and nature play in achieving sustainable architecture? How does the loss of nature and green spaces in cities open up new possibilities for design? Can biomimetic architecture offer solutions for more environmentally attuned buildings? Koichi will seek to answer these questions and demonstrate how his practice applies these principles. He will draw from his firm’s numerous award-winning projects, including the LEED Platinum Urban Forest project, Solar Trees and the Tian An Masterpulan, the National Museum of Qatar Gift Shop in Doha, Qatar, and the climate positive Sunflower House in Le Marche, Italy.

For a running list of speakers and more information on upcoming events, check out the Future Fest website, and register to receive invitations to each live talk in September:

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Top image: Solar Trees Marketplace by Koichi Takada Architects, Shanghai, China; image by Koichi Takada Architects

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