Free Webinar Recording: Building Resilient Structures With Expansion Joints

This free webinar offers in-depth knowledge of expansion joint systems and their detailing, empowering architects to build better.

Kalina Prelikj Kalina Prelikj

Are you in the world of architecture or construction, constantly seeking ways to make your structures resilient against varying environmental conditions? Or do you simply want to brush up and deepen your understanding of expansion join systems? If so, you might find our recent webinar, focused on the nuanced topic of expansion joints, incredibly valuable.

Our guest speaker was Matthew Fisher, the Senior Product Manager for the Expansion Joint Systems division at Inpro. With his rich 25-year experience encompassing architecture, construction management and building materials management, Matthew explained the pivotal role of expansion joint systems in fortifying structural resilience. He also provided numerous drawings of correct and nuanced detailing for the joints in his comprehensive and informative slide presentation.

For those who could not join us live or wish to revisit Matthew’s insights, we’ve got the recorded session available on demand. Simply click the button below to access the presentation:

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In today’s dynamic environment, characterized by shifting weather conditions and regular heavy equipment use, the choice of sound building materials is essential. During the webinar, Matthew guided attendees through the intricacies of expansion joints, addressing the pressing issues architects face.

Here’s a glimpse into the key points discussed:

  • Defining Expansion Joints: The webinar begins with a deep dive into the fundamental role of expansion joints in building resilience.
  • Key Questions for Selecting Joint Systems: We then turn our attention to key questions that guide the selection of joint systems.
  • Expansion Joint Types and Applications: The discussion advances to explore the variety of joint covers, their relevance in different settings, and typologies.
  • Role of Fire Barriers: The critical importance of fire barriers in joint systems is discussed and different types are subsequently emphasized.
  • Addressing Common Field Issues: Attendees are then enlightened about common pitfalls in joint implementation and practical solutions.
  • Importance of Proper Specification and Inspection: The session concludes by advocating for accurate specification and routine inspections to maintain joint system efficacy.

All these topics, combined with a wealth of examples and clear explanations, make the webinar a must-watch for every architect and builder.

To fully appreciate the depth of knowledge shared and how you can apply it to your projects, watch it for yourself and boost the resilience of your structures with suitably placed expansion joints.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your understanding of expansion joint systems and their importance in building resilience. Utilize this insightful resource to empower your architectural or construction practices.

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