New Detail Library Platform Allows You to Access 200+ Fully-Resolved Construction Details

Finding one reliable place to access quality details is not easy. Emma Walshaw is changing that.

Emma Walshaw Emma Walshaw

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Architects and designers often spend hours searching for detail precedents, ideas and inspiration to inform their designs. Whether it be Google searches, looking back at previous works or scrolling through Pinterest, before you know it, hours can pass. Finding a single reliable place where you can access quality details is not easy.

Introducing the Detail Library

The Detail Library was launched by Emma Walshaw of First In Architecture in early 2021. Emma has written a number of books on construction detailing and considered a construction detail database a natural next step to serve her audience.

Emma wrote her detailing books based on frustrations she experienced in her architectural practice, beginning while she was in university. During her studies, she struggled to get to grips with construction detailing and found it hard to find up to date examples that she could learn from.

Fast forward several years and she is passionate about making construction details available to all — after all, better construction details lead to better buildings.

construction detailsWhat is the Detail Library?

The Detail Library shares construction details that can be adjusted and amended to suit specific projects, saving designers huge amounts of time. The library does not consist of individual components; rather, it features fully resolved details.

The library features over 200 construction details (based on UK residential projects) and is added to every month. The details are in 2D AutoCAD format and 3D SketchUp format, with 2D Revit due to be launched very soon.

Once you have become a member you get full access to the details and can download the files at any time, with no restrictions.

The Detail Library includes a core content of standard construction details such as masonry cavity wall, timber frame, SIPS and basements, but it also features Passivhaus construction details, contemporary rooflights, sliding and bifold door details, green roofs and more.

construction detailsWho is it for?

Although the Detail Library mainly appeals to architects, there has been a great interest from other fields. The library members include: self builders who are looking for construction detail examples for their own build and construction professionals delivering detail packages and collating construction information. The membership also includes young architects and architecture students looking to gain a better understanding of construction.


The Detail Library presents a quick, go-to resource to save time and money, providing a selection of precedent details to work from. This is something we all wish we had access to not only working in practice but during our studies too.

The library provides access to different products and suppliers, demonstrating how these products fit in to a resolved detail.

With new details being added to the library every month, it is a great way to start your own construction detail library that can be edited and adjusted for your own projects.

If you don’t find what you are looking for on the library, you can simply put in a request to the Detail Library team and they will add it to the upcoming list of new content.

construction detailsConclusion

With so many innovative architectural examples on websites such as Architizer and on social media, we have become more curious about the built environment around us, not only where we live, but globally.

The goal of the Detail Library is to meet this curiosity of contemporary architecture with specific ideas and examples of how inspiring buildings are put together. With new details and brands being added every month, the library continues to grow and provide a valuable resource to all of its members.

Explore the Detail Library

construction details

Architects: Want to have your project featured? Showcase your work through Architizer and sign up for our inspirational newsletter.

Emma Walshaw Author: Emma Walshaw
Emma Walshaw is the founder of First In Architecture and Detail Library, and has written a number of books aiming to facilitate a better understanding of construction and detailing. The Detail Library provides architects with a database of fully resolved construction details.
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