101 Architecture Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “Architecture is a visual medium! How interesting can it be to tweet about it?” Well, skeptical reader, get ready to be surprised.

Jack Balderrama Morley Jack Balderrama Morley

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Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “Architecture is a visual medium! How interesting can it be to tweet about it?” Well, skeptical reader, get ready to be surprised. These tweeters will keep you up-to-date and thoroughly entertained with the latest news in design, construction, art and archaic Japanese joint details. It’s a long list to go through, but the great thing about Twitter is that it gets better when you follow more people. Less curated than Instagram and with fewer baby pictures from college roommates than Facebook, Twitter hits an idiosyncratic sweet spot that feeds our need for constant information and ephemeral chatter. For those who want to get more active on the platform but don’t know where to start, our favorite tweeter, Kate F. Wagner aka @mcmansionhell, had the following advice:

“Don’t take Twitter too seriously… Be yourself. Most importantly: do not feed the trolls.”

An acoustics grad student and a contributor to Curbed and the 99% Invisible podcast, Wagner also has her own blog, McMansion Hell, where she sends up some of the worst suburban disasters you can imagine. She started on Twitter so she could share her blog posts, but her account has since evolved into a powerful presence of its own, one where she can communicate with her 19 thousand followers every day.

More than a digital soapbox, Twitter is like sitting on a very big and very crowded living room sofa with thousands of your colleagues, kibbitzing as you watch the fate of the planet play out on the small screen. It can be fun; it can be maddening; but it’s always a window on the world. “My favorite thing about Twitter,” Wagner says, “is that you can forge real connections with so many people, people you’d never have access to in real life.” Whether you’re looking for a place to start or you’re a veteran user looking for fresh feeds, dive into the list below:

Architects, Designers and Urbanists

@mcmansionhell Wagner combines a mordant wit with an eye for detail to call out egregious violations of good taste, demands to bring back Diocletian windows, and she throws in the occasional call for universal housing, too

@dadjaye David Adjaye’s account is mostly retweets, but it offers insight into the mind of one of architecture’s most influential stars.

@HipHopArch Michael Ford, popularly known as the Hip-Hop Architect, keeps his followers informed on what his community-based organizations are up to and how to open up the practice to wider society.

@VishaanNYC Vishaan Chakrabarti, a former partner at SHoP and founder of Practice for Architecture and Urbanism, tweets a lot about urbanism and politics and what power players are sure to be discussing tomorrow.

@gigajellyroll Mark Gardner, principal of JG Architects and Professor at the New School, keeps you informed on what’s trending in design, like AI and pre-fab construction, while mixing in fun historical bits.

@DonnaSinkArch An architect with a mordant wit about the state of the world. Check out her podcast interview with @mcmansionhell!

@markasaurus An architect who tweets about affordable housing and BIM. What more do you need?

@asif_can This British architect mixes politics with a healthy dose of play.

@NeriOxman Oxman’s feed is a poetic stream from this MIT future-thinker.

@KateOrff This landscape architect stays abreast of current eco-politics and its effects on design, and she’ll keep you informed, too.

@_SamJacob The architect, formerly of FAT, documents his adventures and interactions with design oddities around the world.

@jg_bollard This D.C. architect casts a critical eye on that city’s development with an intelligent focus on history and the political mechanics of building.

@MikeBloomberg He’s one of the world’s most influential mayors, and he tweets about cities, politics and everything else.


@ollywainwright The architecture and design critic at The Guardian is one of the most vibrant young voices writing in the field today, and his active Twitter feed is a great way to follow him.

@kimmelman As the architecture critic for the New York Times, Michael Kimmelman has one of the most prominent voices in design, and his feed his a look into what keeps him up at night.

@paulgoldberger Another editorial heavyweight calls out some of the best design writing on the web.

@aarieff The former editor-in-chief of Dwell casts a smart, skeptical eye over the future of design.

@DHWendyGoodman The design editor of the New York Magazine covers everything from fashion to fixtures, with a healthy amount of politics thrown in.

@LangeAlexandra The architecture critic at Curbed frequently documents her design tourism around the world and lets you tag along.

@bldgblog Known for his wide-ranging blog, Geoff Manaugh uses Twitter as a virtual notebook where he jots down his always-interesting thoughts. Enjoy the ride.

@JDavidsonNYC A classical music and architecture critic for New York Magazine engages with design’s social implications by scanning the internet. A nice one for music lovers.

@RitaOrrell This journalist has a knack for finding funky and optimistic design projects from around the world. Follow for some smirks with your deep thoughts.

@markbyrnes525 This senior associate editor at CityLab often has a sly take on the rumblings in the architecture universe and an eye for whatever’s clever.

@joseph_grima This Italian intellectual always has a knowing eye on the future of design and its relationship with technology.

@nate_berg This design journalist will take you along on his journeys around the world and probably make you laugh, too.

@IngaSaffron The architecture critic for the Philly Inquirer won a Pulitzer Prize in 2014 and keeps her readers abreast of what’s going on in the local design and urbanism scene.

@FrancesAnderton The host of KCRW’s DnA: Design and Architecture covers buildings and infrastructure in the southland and fun stories from the world.

@alex_block This Washington D.C. reporter comments on transit projects from his backyard and their potential implications on the rest of the world.

@davidjmadden A thoughtful feed on a range of topics, but particularly urban housing and what professionals should know to stay informed.

@kelseykeith The Editor-in-Chief of Curbed keeps things light and fun about design on her feed.

@chaykak This freelance writer covers a range of topics from politics to architecture with takes that avoid the usual repetitive blahblahblah.

@Oniropolis From Darran Anderson, the author of Imaginary Cities, an intellectual collection of art, design and urbanism.

@cityofsound Dan Hill, an author and engineer at Arup, takes a critical and very smart look at the future of global infrastructure. Listen in.

@nicolatwilley The writer behind the Edible Geography blog has great taste in design stories. A nourishing feed.

@alexbaca This Clevelander takes an acerbic look at urban policy and commuting across the country. Someone who gets your morning way-to-work woes.

@elipousson A Baltimore-based writer with an eye for political history and contemporary boondoggles.

@yllucywang Smart, savvy social media guide that’ll keep you up-to-date on what’s cool in design online.

Art, Graphics and Eye Candy

@TheJoinery_jp GIFs of Japanese joints. Enjoy.

@SOSBrutalism Pics of Brutalist beauties in danger of being lost to history; follow to find concrete beasts you didn’t know you loved.

@LAConservancy Amazing looks into historic LA architecture.

@FailedArch A dazzling dive into the architecture that didn’t work.

@abstractsunday Illustrator Christoph Niemann, known for his work in the New York Times, shares his work and what he’s looking at here.

@sarahcjohnson Graphic fun from around the internet.

@butdoesitfloat Beautiful images from across illustration, graphic design and architecture.

@rhizome The feed of this online art giant stays on the cutting edge of digital aesthetics and opportunities.

@yokoono She’s Yoko Ono! Follow for her warmth and intelligence.

@jennyholzer Her trademark politically provocative one-liners translate particularly well here.

@BoingBoing Weird fun stuff from around the internet; just go along with it.

@SomeChum Storytelling design specialist; follow if you want to examples of compelling ways to talk about design.

@MachinePix If your mind gets blown, don’t blame me.


@CreatorsProject From the creators of VICE magazine, this feed is a little racy, but a good one to pop through those mid-afternoon doldrums.

@SurfaceMag A smattering of fashion, art and architecture to sweeten the spot.

@99piorg From the 99% Invisible podcast. Keeps you up on the latest and greatest of their design-focused episodes.

@guardiancities This wing of The Guardian has a nice of mix of the serious and cat-related content.

@archpaper The Architect’s Newspaper is a trusted source in American building news, and their feed is a stream of their quality journalism.

@atlasobscura Mostly tweets to articles from the blog, it’s still a must-follow for the weird and wonderful in design.

@dezeen The online design giant tweets their articles and fun bits of design from around the world.

@designmilk Lots of interiors and fun furniture that will do your eyes good.

@UrbanOmnibus This online publication from the Architecture League takes a circuitous look around buildings, featuring creative writing, short articles and more.

@CONTEMPORIST This site leans toward high-end interiors and residences, which is exactly what some people want.

@ArchitectsJrnal The “UK’s leading professional architecture magazine” is perhaps the best source for British design news.

@designboom The design website’s feed features weird and wonderful art and architecture from around the world.

@CityLab The urban-oriented wing of the The Atlantic Magazine does some of the best reporting in its field, and it’s account is a great to-read list.

@archinect Archinect tweets links to their articles and best job postings relevant for architects young and old.

@Wired_Design Wired Design bills itself as “the midpoint between culture and tech”, and their feed is full of their eclectic articles.

@Curbed From “how to buy a home” to Lego models of Herzog & de Meuron, Curbed has a nice article to brighten up your coffee break.

@Monocle24 Monocle covers a lot: “foreign affairs, business, culture, urbanism, food & drink, design, print media and more” and it’s feed injects a little globetrotting hip into your day.

@markmagazine Another great stream of architecture from the stylish architecture print staple.

@divisare_ Gorgeously simple projects from around the world.

@afasiaarq A stream of lovely architectural minimalism.

@DomusWeb The classic Italian design magazine regularly tweets links to some of their best articles.

@MASContext Chicago-oriented urbanism and architectural history that has global appeal.

@FastCoDesign Tech-oriented curiosities with a business slant. For the gadget-addict.

@wallpapermag Nice bits of contemporary art and design to add a pop to anyone’s day.

@frieze_magazine This art magazine is taking on more architecture and design from a global, British-based outlook.

@architizer It’s us! Of course you should follow us.


@hardmaru What is this account? It’s got a lot of fascinating and fun stuff on AI and illustration that’s cute and not terrifying, so, awesome!

@CityInnovation Christine Outram definitely has a tech-world vibe, but is a great source on what’s the latest on home tech and the Internet of Things.

@johnmaeda John Maeda is a very big name in interaction design, and his feed is a smattering of avant-garde trends from the field.

@Gizmodo The site’s feed looks at the weird world of tech (and a lot of Game of Thrones). Good for smart distraction.

@ideo Stay abreast of the design innovation giant’s research and future through their bite-sized posts.

@NASAGoddardPix Power up your dreams with live dispatches from space.


@curiousoctopus MoMA’s Senior Curator of Architecture & Design and Director of R&D keeps you up on the design world far beyond MoMA.

@roryhyde Curator of Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum with pithy takes on what’s happening in cities around the world.

@justinmcguirk Chief curator at the Design Museum in London, Co-head of Curating & Writing at Design Academy Eindhoven, author of Radical Cities. Follow for commentary on the potential for design to initiate social change.

@c4sr_columbia According to their bio, “The Center for Spatial Research is an interdisciplinary hub for urban research that links architecture, urbanism, the humanities and data science.” Catnip for the tech-focused architect.

@medialab MIT’s Media Lab is a hotbed of experimentation in robotics, 3D printing and design activism.

@UrbanTheoryLab Based at Harvard’s GSD, the Lab tweets intellectual articles from the best minds around the world.

@MOCAlosangeles Follow the Museum of Contemporary Art for a dose of, well, contemporary art.

@V_and_A This British design heavyweight keeps you informed on what’s going on in their space and shares highlights from their archives.

@MoDAMuseum The Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture shares gems from their collection of vintage wallpapers and pattern books that add a touch of history to your day.

@smithsonian A melange of science, art and space peppered into your daily mix.

@FieldMuseum The Chicago institution finds the same beauty in natural systems that architects do and shares it in a way that building designers will love.

@van_alen The Van Alen Institute keeps its followers up-to-date on its competitions, initiatives and ways to get involved.

@CenterForArch Run by the AIA New York Chapter, the Center’s feed is a great to-read list for architects and designers.

@78Derngate The account for the only house in England designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh enlivens your feed with a potpourri of lovely images from the architect and others.

@BrooksRainwater The Senior Executive + Director at the Center for City Solutions is a real “thought leader” in progressive urbanism and lets you see what he’s thinking about.

@ArchLeague The Architecture League in New York hosts a lot of really smart discussions on the profession and is definitely worth a follow.

@UrbanLandInst For forward-thinking real estate articles that movers and shakers are probably reading at the same time.

@urbanbydesign Tweeting often-uplifting architecture and urbanism stories from America’s cities.

@UNESCO The United Nations organization takes a global look at issues facing the built environment. A great to stay connected to the world and find inspiration for humanitarian projects.

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