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10 Architecture Projects Inspired by the Star Wars Aesthetic

There is no denying the picturesque beauty of Star Wars’ intricately detailed settings.

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A long time ago in a galaxy an awful lot closer than you might imagine, George Lucas created a series of sci-fi films that would suck millions of sci-fi fans across the globe into a world of extraplanetary architecture and design.

Whether you love or hate the franchise, there is no denying the picturesque beauty of Star Wars’ intricately detailed settings — from the desert villages of Tatooine to the copper-clad domes of the Theed Royal Palace in Naboo, above (reportedly inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s final project, the Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael, Calif.).

As we get increasingly excited about the upcoming chapter in the saga, here are nine buildings that could have taken inspiration from this epic tale, or vice versa. Explore these otherworldly architectural landmarks and be sure to wisely use your creative force throughout the holiday season!

1. The Death Star

Recently conceived by James Law’s Cybertecture studio, the “Technosphere” concept for Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has caused a stir for its resemblance the Empire’s planet-sized space station.

2. Jabba the Hutt’s Palace

Could the home of the galaxy’s most despicable slug have been inspired by the Śneżka Meteorological Observatory in Poland? Architect Witold Lipiński’s mountaintop structure was completed in 1974, while Lucas’ first Star Wars movie was released only three years later …

3. The Senate Rotunda

The lower dome of the iconic Senate’s complex on the planet Coruscant bears a striking resemblance to Bernard Tschumi’s Carnal Hall at Le Rosey in Switzerland … or, perhaps, Jean Nouvel’s stunning Louvre in Abu Dhabi.

4. The Death Star (Part 2)

OMA’s design for the RAK Convention Center in the United Arab Emirates looks even more like Darth Vader’s humble abode. Rem Koolhaas clearly is a Star Wars fan …

5. Jawa Sandcrawler

… Especially because his Casa de Música in Porto, Portugal, looks like a perpetually stationary Sandcrawler perched on a sand dune on Tatooine.

6. All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) Walker

The four-legged armored vehicles of Star Wars would make for some pretty impressive mobile homes — as illustrated by Lebbeus Woods in his Walking City concept.

7. Jawa Sandcrawler (Part 2)

Aedas architect Andrew Bromberg designed this distinctive headquarters for Lucasfilm in Singapore — paying architectural homage to the rolling fortresses of the Jawas.

8. The Death Star (Part 3)

OMA isn’t the only studio to have flirted with the Dark Side while at their drawing board — Heerim Architects recently proposed this otherworldly hotel for the rapidly developing city of Baku in Azerbaijan.

9. The Star Wars House

Quirky South Korean studio Moon Hoon created this futuristic dwelling on a suburban site. The architects have been open about the sci-fi inspiration and describe the top floor as “a place high up that could be a control room for the future Darth Vader or a Jedi.”

Bonus: “Luke, I am Your Conservatory”

No caption needed.

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