Free: 2017 Calendar Featuring Imaginative Architectural Scale Figures

Chlo̩ Vadot Chlo̩ Vadot

It’s the season for holiday cards and e-cards, and Francesca Perani Enterprise — an Italian creative studio with a hand in interior architecture, branding and interactive graphic design — may have won the prize for the most original idea. The firm celebrated 2017 by launching its most recent visual project, the Cutoutmix calendar.

The downloadable calendar consists of a collection of 12 fashionable 2D figures that architects and designers will be able to integrate in projects throughout the year. Drawn by Francesca Perani and Claudia Manenti, the cutouts are animated with stories written by creative writer Giovanna Bosis.

An imaginative project for the firm and a fun gift for designers around the world, the calendar offers a new interpretation for the faceless characters of architectural renderings. “Our creative gang of female designers strongly promotes an artistic-experimental attitude towards the amazing world of silhouettes for architectural and design projects,” explain the creators behind the Cutoutmix project.

Bosis kicks off the calendar with the story of Mabel, the January witch pose. “Wearing her (very expensive) crocodile-toothed platform shoes,” Mabel decides on an unconventional mode of transportation to arrive in time for a special audition, where she will have the chance to show her new magic, which ranges from straightening bananas to turning peaches blue.

The full calendar is available for download here, and the team is promising a new set of collections soon. Follow the team on Facebook to keep up with more stories and news on the project.

Francesca Perani Enterprise is also the organization behind the architecture studio Spectacularch. Visit their full Architizer profile to learn about their work!

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