Sound Off: 7 Snazzy Acoustic Solutions for Walls

Acoustical privacy seems a luxury nowadays in many workplaces thanks to the popularity of open-plan office design — but it doesn’t have to be.

Sheila Kim Sheila Kim

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Acoustical privacy seems a luxury nowadays in many workplaces thanks to the popularity of open-plan office design. While furniture manufacturers have been cranking out screens, dividers, cocoons and booths to rectify this, taking up floor space may not be an option in some settings — so we look to the ceilings and walls. With regards to the latter, several products not only help dampen noise, they make design statements.

KT Impressions from KnollTextiles

KnollTextiles: KT Impressions
Launching this fall, KT Impressions tiles will serve up classic KnollTextiles patterns impressed onto ultra-thin acoustic substrates. Six patterns are initially being introduced — Biscayne, Chronicle, Honour, Icon, Marquee and Shima — in 16 colors. Each 12-inch-square tile will be easily installable by sliding it onto a Z-clip rail system. KT Impressions has an NRC rating of 0.55.

This Baresque series includes Zintra Acoustic Textures (left), Zintra on Zintra (right), and Zintra Systems (not shown).

Baresque: Zintra
This line of acoustic panels offers a wide variety of eye-catching designs in three different formats: Zintra Acoustic Textures sport geometric reliefs ranging from parallelograms to arcs; Zintra on Zintra combines an intricately cut pattern layer with a solid layer of the same or contrasting color; and Zintra Systems are prefabricated and packaged systems. All are easy to install and come in a range of colors from neutral to vibrant. Depending on specified product group, Zintra boasts an NRC rating of 0.35 to 0.90.

Arper’s Parentesit offers three shapes.

Arper: Parentesit
Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, this line presents playful geometric, graphic designs: square shaped with either a horizontal or diagonal metal profile cutting through its center, round with a horizontal profile, or oval with a horizontal profile. Each module can be specified to have a single color or two hues, and the metal profiles come in white or black. The fabric options include textiles from Kvadrat, Gabriel, Climatex, Svensson, Camira, Maharam, Designtex and Fidivi. Backlight them for a dramatic effect.

Rossoacoustic PAD from Nimbus Group.

Nimbus Group: Rossoacoustic PAD
Cute, dimpled and cotton-pad evoking, Rossoacoustic PAD is made of embossed fleece and comes in square or round formats in three sizes, in any of seven colors. At six millimeters thick, the pads can additionally be mounted as diffusers on select luminaires or lightweight aluminum ceiling fixtures to create acoustical clouds.

Muratto’s cork Organic Blocks.

Muratto Cork Wall Coverings: Organic Blocks
Imported from Portugal, these pre-finished panels are composed of molded recycled cork in saturated, fashion-forward colors. Five high-relief geometric designs are offered to create visual interest for focal walls. The noise-reducing modules also provide some thermal insulation, and the material is naturally antimicrobial, non-allergenic and anti-static, to boot. They’re exclusively distributed in the United States by Boulder, Colo.-based Sustainable Materials.

BuzziBrickBack is a stripy self-adhering wall covering.

BuzziSpace: BuzziBrickBack
Not an ordinary stripe, BuzziBrickBack sports stacked colors for a bolder, punchier appearance. The sound-absorbing coverings are available in sizes of up to 47¼ by 78¾ inches, are nearly ½-inch thick, and have self-adhesive backs for easy installation. A whopping 27 colorways — from Lime on Lime to multicolor Tukan — are offered.

Flap from Snowsound USA

Snowsound USA: Flap
The kite-like trapezoids look like whimsical wall décor, but they’re engineered to achieve Class A sound absorption and an NRC rating of 1.0. Each double-sided, frameless panel is covered with Trevira CS polyester with zero airspace between the outer fabric and the sound-absorbing core to reduce dust buildup. Flap modules are 100-percent recyclable after use.

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