How architects find building-products.

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Architects: Here’s How to Increase Traffic to Your Projects by 600%

Project Connections give your design work the spotlight it deserves.

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Architizer’s mission has always been two-fold: to help create a more transparent, more collaborative construction industry, and to give architects’ incredible work the spotlight it deserves. We’ve found that the key to making both of these things happen is to connect architects with building-product manufacturers, encouraging knowledge-sharing across disciplines and providing daily inspiration for design professionals.

But what’s the best way for architects themselves to connect the industry and gain more visibility for their designs in the process? The answer is simple: Project Connections. This guide outlines exactly what a Project Connection is, how you create one, and how it can benefit both you and the wider profession.

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Project Connections are made by uploading Product Spec Sheets to Project Pages, as highlighted in this Diller Scofidio + Renfro project.

What is a Project Connection?

On Architizer, a Project Connection is a link between your project and the manufacturers whose products and materials are featured within that project. It could be the manufacturer who produced the façade system, windows, doors, flooring, roofing, AC system, solar panels, or just about anything that goes into a building — as long as it can be associated with a specific building-product manufacturer, the Project Connection can be made.

How do I make a Project Connection?

The easiest way to create Project Connections on Architizer is by using our handy Project Connections Form and follow the step-by-step instructions to add materials and manufacturers to your project in no time. You can do it right here:

Alternatively, you can use our simple spec sheet template — also available for download by clicking the green “upload now” button on any project page — and fill in this form with as much information as you can. Provide the names of the products you used, and the manufacturers that made them. Once you’ve done this, upload it by dragging and dropping the file into the box as indicated below.

Finally, you can send us your schedule of materials and building-products directly to, and we’ll ensure your specifications are connected to your project accurately. It’s that simple!

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Why are Project Connections so great for architects?

Project Connections benefit architects and their firms by significantly increasing the visibility of their work. Projects with at least 10 Project Connections receive a 600% increase in organic traffic on Architizer.

Further to this, projects with complete information — including spec sheets, project descriptions, and drawings such as plans, sections, elevations and details — have an increased likelihood of being featured by Architizer’s editorial team on social media. That’s a potential audience for your project of more than 4.6 million!

The additional exposure this generates for your firm is potentially huge. Prospective clients and collaborators from around the world can more easily locate your profile and reach out to you to express their interest in working with you.

Project Connections are part of Architizer’s larger mission to create a more connected, more collaborative construction industry. A Project Connection is a badge of trust — if you can see many architects have used a particular brand for past projects, you can specify them with more confidence. Project Connections also give you a way to see what is trending across the wider construction industry.

We encourage you to start creating Project Connections for past projects, and integrate the process into your standard workflow for future projects. Having a record of building-product specifications all in one, easy-to-access place will prove beneficial to your firm in a myriad of ways — not to mention saving your team multiple headaches later on!

Try it today, and if you any have feedback on the process, we’d be glad to hear from you — email with your thoughts and suggestions.