Tech For Architects: LG’s UltraFine Display Ergo Boasts Color Precision and Ergonomic Comfort

This award-winning monitor is designed to move with and adjust to the architect’s needs.

Francesca Mercurio Francesca Mercurio

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The LG 32UN880-B UltraFine Display Ergo monitor is designed to move with and adjust to architects’ needs. Taking ergonomic functions and visual display into deep consideration, this device has exceptional image quality, convenient flexibility and surprising portability.

This monitor was engineered to best serve architects and designs and has received countless awards, including the iF Design Talent Award a few years back. The UHD 4K IPS Display makes for an incredibly lifelike and realistic resolution, which creates a crisp and clear image display that designers can trust. The UHD IPS display enhances contrast, clarity and wide-angle details, all while exhibiting true color representation. Such visual accuracy puts trust in architects that their work is displayed accurately and will closely reflect their real-life design.

The UltraFine Display Ergo monitor has an extremely flexible and ergonomic desktop setup. This monitor can be secured on any surface and in seconds thanks to its One Click Mount and C-Clamp. It can then be adjusted to fit the user’s preferred height and tilt angle, making it a great device for designers meticulously working on renderings and edits. The monitor is equally ideal for collaborative environments; designers can pivot the screen during meetings and easily share images with clients and coworkers.

Designers who have leveraged standing desks can equally take advantage of this device by adjusting the height of their monitor depending on their current work setup — whether it be seated or standing. The monitor can swivel up to 280°, pivot 90° and tilt up to 25°. This truly allows for bespoke and personalized working environments that speak to the individual’s posture preferences and work needs. 

This device is a great fit for designers working in small studio settings as its clutter-free design takes up little desk space. The monitor comes with a USB-C cable, which ensures fast data transfer and fast charging. The USB-C cable improves the device’s efficiency, capability and declutters the desk space.

The LG 32UN880-B UltraFine Display Ergo is ideal for individuals looking to maximize comfort, productiveness and increase visual accuracy in their designs. The monitor is equally suitable for designers working in collaborative environments as the screen can mount on any surface and can be adjusted to fit the ergonomic needs of the user. For that reason, this monitor is a great tool for designers working individually and collaboratively.

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