Your Survival Kit: 10 Essential Items for an Architecture Student’s First Semester

Tools and items that are sure to make life as an architecture student easier.

Nathan Bahadursingh Nathan Bahadursingh

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Summer is steadily coming to an end, meaning schools are gearing up for new and returning students. For those collegiate architects, this can be a time of both excitement and unease given the intensity of architecture school. But have no fear, it is possible to prepare in order to make the transition or return to college a seamless one. Anything to ease the pressures of university life should be accounted for, which is why we have put together a nice assemblage of tools and items that are sure to make life as an architecture student easier.

Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet

Best Drawing Tablet for Architecture School

A drawing tablet will make life so much easier for those who do a lot of sketching, concept design, and rendering. Rather than go through the tedious process of converting hand drawn work into vector files, a drawing tablet skips these steps, allowing you to draw directly on screen. The Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet will elevate your creative production and efficiency. It features multi touch gestures, customizable express keys, radial menus, bluetooth functionality, and a compact footprint. It also comes with the Wacom Pro Pen 2, which features impressive pressure sensitivity, tilt response, and lag free tracking. 

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Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook

Best Smart Notebook for Architecture School

The Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook offers an innovative approach to note taking. Rather than stashing old, full notebooks, The Rocketbook Everlast is endlessly reusable with 36 pages that can be wiped clean for future notation. With the use of the Rocketbook App you can then scan your notes in high resolution and have them sent digitally to your preferred locations where they can be edited further. It works with any pen, marker, or highlighter from the Pilot Frixion line. This is an environmentally friendly way to meet your note taking needs, and the best part is that it’s the last notebook you’ll need to buy.

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STAEDTLER Premium Quality Drawing Pencil

Best Pencils for Architecture School

In order to develop your architectural drawing and sketching skills you’re going to need a nice set of drawing pencils. STAEDTLER offers a timeless, high quality pencil suitable for writing, sketching, drawing, and hatching, as well as for professional graphic and artistic applications on paper and matte drawing film. The set comes with 12 finely graded pencils ranging in hardness and softness for practically any sketching situation. The super-bonded lead wears evenly and is easy to erase and sharpen.

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Mr. Pen Architectural Scale Ruler

Best Scale Ruler for Architecture School

This 12” architectural scale ruler is designed perfectly for accuracy and longevity with its high impact aluminum composition and three sides featuring six different scales. It’s quick and easy to read with color-coded grooves for quick selection of desired scales and precise, laser cut markings. The ruler is designed to facilitate the drafting and measuring of architectural drawings of all types. This is a simple tool you’ll always need as an architect and it’ll last forever. The best nine bucks you’ll ever spend.

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X-ACTO X5282 Basic Knife Set

Best Modeling Knife for Architecture School

A must have tool for model building, the X-ACTO precision knife is a tool for any application requiring a precise, accurate cut. Houses in a wooden chest, this set contains the original 1,2, and 5 X-ACTO knives along with a full set of X-ACTO precision knife blades, which totals to 13 blades. This complete set will ensure that you always have the proper tool to make the precision cut you need for any material.

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Storage Tube

Best Drawing Storage Tube for Architecture School

Make sure to keep your documents and plans safe and secure with this drawing storage tube. This is perfect for transporting your work during your daily commutes. It’s durable, lightweight, and its 3.5 x 24.5 x 3.3 inch dimensions can adequately house your work. This is a very practical tool that gets the job done, proving to be a low cost and highly beneficial investment.

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BYB E430 Metal Architect LED Desk Lamp

Best Desk Lamp for Architecture School

It’s essential that you keep your workspace well lit during those late night studio sessions. The BYB E430 Metal Architect LED Desk Lamp will prove to be an invaluable appliance for that and then some. It’s made of an aluminum alloy, featuring a sturdy, sleek design that can compliment any workspace. The lamp’s rotating base, double-hinged arm, and swiveling LED panel make it highly adjustable. It uses 144 power-saving LEDs that have a 50,000 hour lifespan, allowing up to 20 years of use consuming 75% less energy than traditional lighting. This lamp will allow you to choose 4 color modes with 6 brightness levels, which is coupled with a touch-control system allowing for ease of use and customization.

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The North Face Unisex Jester Backpack

Best Backpack for Architecture School

Comfort and utility are two pivotal qualities that should be present in a backpack, especially for the demands of architecture school. The North Face Unisex Jester Backpack offers a clean and stylish aesthetic met with premiere serviceability. It has a massive front accessory pocket, perfect for storing writing utensils and smaller appliances. This along with the large main compartment and laptop pocket will adequately and neatly hold all of your materials. The FlexVent injection-molded shoulder straps offer great support, which will allow you to seamlessly carry hefty loads, if need be.

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Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3

Best Headphones for Architecture School

When you really need to lock in and eliminate any distractions that could interfere with you work, a pair of quality noise cancelling headphones are just what you need. Sony’s WH1000XM3 are the industry-leading noise canceling, wireless headphones. Sony’s new proprietary noise canceling processor, its quick charge capabilities, 30 hours of battery life on a single charge, and updated comfortable design provide the best features for optimal concentration and enjoyment for long periods of time, regardless of the environment. They also have Amazon Alexa built in, which will give you someone to talk to when you’re stranded in the library.

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A Plushie to Snuggle with During Those Stressful Moments

Best Comforter for Architecture School

During those stressful periods buried in coursework, unfolded clothes, and ramen noodles, snuggle up with this adorable and comfy Line Friends plush cushion. It’s 16 inches of squeezable relief that can ease your worries and provide a nice bit of support whenever you need. Simply put, it’s cute and it’s soft, really soft.

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