How to Make Your Architecture Business Stand Out From the Crowd

More and more architects are electing to go freelance, collaborating with other specialists to succeed. Here’s how.

Paul Keskeys Paul Keskeys

The architecture industry is becoming increasingly digital, leveraging the benefits of digitized 3D renderings, virtual planning and staging, design, and other critical elements in the decision-making process. Since architecture is, in essence, a 3D visual conception of a product — one in which buyers contribute to decisions on layouts, structures, building materials and more — it is crucial to be able to see all of that come to life digitally before committing all the resources. Emerging digital tools are helping to revolutionize the economic efficiency of the AEC industry.

This revolution has also contributed to an explosion of architecture freelancers around the world. Right now, over 35% of the U.S. workforce engages in either full-time or part-time freelancing, an increase of 10 million people over five years. More people than ever are electing to freelance in the world of architecture too, thanks to the autonomy and freedom this type of work provides.

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Additionally, freelance architects can gain control over their business, with less of the bureaucracy that comes with running a large firm, and the ability to hone in on niche areas of expertise instead of covering every element of architectural practice. This trend hasn’t gone unnoticed, with architects at everyday firms now closely watching their counterparts inside the gig economy.

Of course, when an architect elects to move away from a huge company to their own freelance operation or small business, it can be challenging and downright scary. That’s where the services provided by Fiverr’s new architecture store can prove invaluable.

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Fiverr’s Architecture Services

Fiverr’s new Architecture and Building Design Store offers a range of essential online architecture services to help your business stand out. Here are 3 tips for how to do it:

For architecture firms that want to focus on their business strategy, recruit new customers, or outsource some tasks so they can keep their business afloat, tapping into Fiverr’s extensive network of seasoned professionals can make all the difference.

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Architecting the Future

It’s no secret that architecture projects involve a lot of moving parts, areas of expertise, and extensive planning. If you’re looking to broaden your operation, fly solo, freelance, or do a combination of all three, Fiverr can provide vital support to allow your business to flourish.

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