Zauben’s Smart Living Wall Could Spark a Green Revolution in Architecture

Zauben is driven by a desire to build greater “green-to- gray” relationships in our increasingly urbanized world.

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Faced with the challenges of climate change and other global environmental concerns, architects are more aware than ever of their responsibility to design more sustainable, eco-conscious spaces. But while the designers tend to be on board with the drive for greener architecture, their clients also need convincing — which is where brands like Zauben come in. Thanks to the stunning appearance of their living wall systems, it’s infinitely easier to persuade developers and the general public to embrace biophilic design, especially with products such as the Model Z.

Thanks to its innovative design and long-lasting qualities, the Model Z was awarded the 2020 Juror’s Choice A+Award in the Building Systems-Sustainable Design Products category. Zach Smith, Founder of Zauben, was thrilled to accept the honor. “To be recognized as an A+Award Winner validates what our design team set out to do — to make the world a greener place,” said Smith.

zauben model z

Zauben’s designs are driven by a desire to build greater “green-to- gray” relationships in our increasingly urbanized world. When asked what inspired the Model Z, Zauben’s founder spoke about blurring the boundary between inside and outside, bringing nature in. “We wanted to create a product that celebrated sustainability while reconnecting us to nature and our environment,” explained Smith. “Our living designs are conscious of the impact it has on buildings, people, and the environment.”

The result is a richly verdant product that serves to enliven any space. But the Model Z is more than an aesthetic nod to nature — its sustainable qualities go deep. “We wanted to design a product that makes an impact on the world, not the planet,” said Smith. “To do so, we developed the Model Z with Cradle to Cradle certified materials that contribute to LEED v4 and WELL certifications. We use hydroponic technology that conserves 75% less water than plants grown in soil, self-irrigates, and includes moisture sensors monitored by our plant care app, making sure your plants are healthy.”

zauben model z

Model Z is markedly smarter than conventional living walls, too. “One of the most challenging design features was developing IoT sensors that can monitor plant performance,” explained Smith. “Our team set out to build not just the world’s most sustainable living wall but the most intelligent. We designed sensors that can measure real-time moisture levels, light levels, humidity, and estimate air quality.”

While the luscious appearance and environmental benefits of green walls make them popular, the challenges associated with installation can put many clients off. “Today, living walls require onsite construction, plumbing, lighting, and electric work,” said Smith. However, integrating the Model Z requires much less hassle thanks to Zauben: “We streamlined the process by developing a turnkey living wall product that architects can spec, order, and have our team deliver and install onsite.”

zauben model z

While it has achieved great success in 2020, Zauben continues its drive for innovation to provide clients with even better products. Smith is aiming to build more technologically advanced versions of the Model Z, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with the architecture of the future. “We’re evolving our product to integrate with smart home devices and property management systems to share reports and updates on indoor air quality,” he said.

With continual innovations on the way, Zauben’s Model Z could be just the first step on the road to a green revolution in architecture.

All images courtesy of Zauben. Check out Zauben’s full range of green products here.

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