Induction Introduction: Recharge with IKEA’s New Wireless Furniture

Gabrielle Golenda Gabrielle Golenda

Have you ever been lost in IKEA? There are new unofficial regroup locations that are perfect for “recharging.” Starting in April, you will be able to charge your phone with new IKEA furniture. And, if already have an apartment full of IKEA furniture, for $33 you can upgrade existing furniture with an add-on kit.

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Designed by Wireless Power Consortium, select pieces like lamps, desks, and tables will function as charging stations by incorporating new wireless charging technology called QI Wireless. The new furniture uses inductive charging, which is sort of similar to inductive cooking. Instead of heating a can of Campbell’s, a similar set-up can power up your phone — for example, the surface of a nightstand could transfer power to a device through built-in coils beneath its surface.

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There’s just one catch: It may not work for your phone. Yay for Samsung Galaxy users! But beware: It won’t work for the iPhone.

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