With Miele’s Latest Offering, Good Design is Within Range

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“It is certainly unpleasant and tedious to be confronted day-in, day-out with products which are confusing, which literally get on our nerves, and with which we cannot relate,” industrial design deity Dieter Rams of Braun once said. In order to steer us away from the creation of such products, he formulated the “10 Principles of Good Design.” First embedded into our cultural lexicon in the 1970s, they still hold true today: good design is innovative, useful, intuitive, unobtrusive, and thorough down to the last detail. Most important of all, good design, like Rams’ tenets, is never outdated — although your kitchen may very well be.

Luckily, Miele offers the perfect solution: The newly launched Range Series marries Rams’ classic ideals with cutting-edge technology to bring its products in better sync with our everyday lives. On an aesthetic level, Rams’ rules translate to immaculate cleanliness, both in form and maintenance, while performance remains paramount. The continuity of the cooktop’s cast-iron grates, demonstrates perfect form, resulting in unhindered movement of pots and pans from one burner to the next, and their ability to be cleaned in the dishwasher for easy maintenance.

Meanwhile, the fingerprint-resistant Clean Touch Steel™ front— plus Self Clean oven and Self Clean-ready accessories that continually break down cooking residue — keep surfaces looking perpetually brand new. Small touches like the ComfortSwivel handle that moves with the motion of your wrist streamline the culinary workflow. Grill-masters will enjoy year-round barbeques with the M Pro grill and breakfast aficionados will love the M Pro infrared griddle. Choose the model that fits best with your lifestyle: the Range is available in 30”, 36”, or 48”, with heating options including Dual Fuel, All Gas, Electric, and Induction.

“At best,” Rams’ tenets read, good design is also “self-explanatory.” This simplicity of appearance belies the solid engineering that can make our forays into the kitchen more intuitive than ever before. Thanks to top-of-the-line technology that practically speaks to you, Miele offers more with less effort, even for the most novice of chefs. Innovative M Touch controls allow for easy navigation through more than 100 built-in MasterChef automatic programs that leave nothing about cooking to chance. Whether you’re baking a cake or roasting a lamb; this high-precision amenity pinpoints the optimal “correct-to-the-minute” time, temperature, and humidity distribution of whatever you may be making. And as another tenet of good design, the entire system was built to be entirely environmentally friendly; in 2014, Miele received the National German Sustainability Award.

Mr. Rams certainly knew good design early on; he just never predicted it would be this good.

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