​Where Color Meets Texture: Dune Tables

Gabrielle Golenda Gabrielle Golenda

Flat tops and legs make up a large part of most interior spaces. Though it is often the things placed atop tables that define them. As objects primarily for utilitarian use — eating, writing, working, or playing games — they are usually not the piece of furniture in a room that gets all the attention.

There are exceptions. Via color and different material textures, tables can transcend their functional treatment and become unique pieces somewhere in between sculpture and art. From coffee tables to console tables, this collection explores some whimsical combinations of color and texture that create a strong dialogue with the mise en scène of an interior.

Sway by Dune

Designed in 2003 by Richard Shemtov, this all-in-one table and ottoman is available with seating upholstered in a luxe cow print or ultra-bright lilac.

© Albert Vecerka/Esto

© Albert Vecerka/Esto

Manta by Dune

Designed in 2010 by Karim Rashid, this console table is made of light but strong birchwood. Available in an array of bright colors, it plays quite the balancing act.

Gormley by Dune

Designed in 2008 by Richard Shemtov, this side table with a killer profile is stylishly covered with a superb high-gloss finish. That said, it is both durable and resistant to liquids. The familiar form was modernized with clean lines, whimsical proportions, and bright colors.

Baron by Dune

Designed in 2003 by Fabien Baron, this coffee/console table consists of two layers of mirror-polished stainless steel. The underside is cloaked in matte lacquer — creating a lovely reflective effect on the bottom shelf.

Torque by Dune

Designed in 2011 by Richard Shemtov, this indoor/outdoor cocktail/side table was inspired by artist Richard Serra’s twisted sculptures. Taking a poetic stance, the inside surface is outfitted in a contrasting color that begins as silver and eventually increases in size as you make your way around it.

Double Zero by Dune

Designed in 2008 by Richard Shemtov, this multifunctional coffee table elevates the table variety to new heights by combining two luxurious materials. Finished in wood veneer or in hi-gloss color, the top and lower shelf appear to float.

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