Future Fest 2022: Access Free Recordings of All 15 Virtual Architecture Talks

Architizer is thrilled to share access to recorded conversations with the world’s most renowned architects, all addressing The Future of Architecture.

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How can architecture be a force for good in our ever-changing world?

During Future Fest, we asked some of the world’s best architects, each one an A+Award-winning designer, for their answers to this question and more. Over three weeks this past September, these renowned speakers offered insights on the future of architecture at every scale: From the design of cities and environments to buildings of all typologies to the material details that bring architecture to life.

The schedule being as packed as it was, attending every single talk was a challenging feat — especially given the global nature of Architizer’s audience, meaning that many were in different timezones. For this reason and more, we’re delighted to share an archive of recordings of every single talk from this year’s event, 100% free for anyone interested in watching.

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Week 1: The Future of Cities

Day 1 | Future Fest Launch: How Can We Design Better Cities?

Special Guest: Andre Brumfield, Global Cities + Urban Design Leader, Gensler

Lack of affordable housing, gentrification, climate change: Our cities are facing huge challenges on a multitude of fronts. Through the lens of urban design, master planning and architecture, Andre’s session focuses on how we are addressing these issues to create a better, more balanced city.

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Day 2 |  Innovation at Every Scale: Creating More Livable Cities

Special Guest: Rob Rogers, Principal, Rogers Partners Architects

How can architects create public places for both environmental protection and social prosperity? Rob Rogers reveals the principles behind the design of the A+Award-winning St. Pete’s Pier, demonstrating how macro-scale design moves can help make our cities more resilient.

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Day 3 | Blending Ancient and Modern in the Public Realm

Special Guest: Mikkel Frost, Architect & Founding Partner, CEBRA

How can public architecture leave a positive impact and encourage positive change? How can cultural heritage and contemporary design be woven together in bold yet sensitive ways? CEBRA’s A+Award-winning Al Hosn Masterplan forms a key case study for this session on blending old and new.

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Day 4 | Organizing Chaos: Dwelling Design in Desert Cities

11am ET, Thursday September 15th

Special Guest: Hend Almatrouk, CEO & Partner, Studio Toggle

Studio Toggle scooped the title of “Best Young Architecture Fiirm” in the recent A+Awards. During her presentation, CEO Hend Almatrouk explores how architectural innovations are addressing housing challenges in the Middle East and how those lessons can be applied elsewhere in the world.

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Day 5 | How Cultural Architecture Can Connect Communities

Special Guest: Sanjay Puri, Cofounder & Principal, Sanjay Puri Architects

What role can contemporary architecture play in strengthening the culture of a local community? Renowned Indian architect Sanjay Puri presents his ideas for how architecture can act as a cultural catalyst, using A+Award-winning projects from unexpected typologies as his guiding examples.

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Week 2: The Future of Architecture

Day 6 |  Buildings for a Changing World

Special Guest: Michael Green, Founder and Principal of MGA | Michael Green Architecture

Presenting projects that harness Michael’s specialist knowledge of cross-laminated timber in construction, this session explores how the mission of an architectural firm can extend to its practice and beyond, making a profound impact on society as a whole.

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Day 7 |  Community Is Now

Special Guest: Michel Rojkind, Founder, Rojkind Arquitectos

What are we doing with all the information we are receiving in our day to day? What happened during the pandemic and how does it affect the way we show up in the world? What are we focusing on? What’s our purpose? Award-winning Mexican architect Michel Rojkind lays out the case for creating a positive impact in the community by challenging the program, reformulating the questions and creating added value for all through innovative architecture.

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Day 8 | Places For All

Special Guest: Fokke Moerel, Architect & Partner, MVRDV

MVRDV’s Fokke Moerel talks about how we can add value to the urgencies we all have to face and deal with. There are plenty of opportunities to make our environment a better place to live, stay, work, engage. During her presentation, Moerel uses iconic MVRDV projects such as Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen, Radio Tower & Hotel and Tainan Spring as examples of her vision of ‘’Places for all’’.

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Day 9 | Can Technology Transform Construction?

Special Guest: Shajay Booshan, Associate Director, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)

Exploring ways in which we can create more compact, human scale, and pedestrian friendly cities, Shajay Booshan showcases two pilot projects that highlight the firm’s collaborative efforts to align maturing technologies with engaging and responsible design: The A+Award-winning Striatus 3D Printed Bridge and the Roatán Próspera Residences in Honduras.

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Day 10 |  Reimagining Landscape Architecture

Special Guest: Isabel Castilla, Principal, James Corner Field Operations

As cities grow, the demand for parks and open spaces increases; however, available “land” to do so is scarce. This session explores how the field of landscape architecture is shifting focus to transform challenging, infrastructural sites into lush, sustainable and community-focused public spaces.

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Week 3: The Future of Materials

Day 11 | What Should Future Architecture Be Made Of?

Special Guest: Koichi Takada, Founder & Principal of Koichi Takada Architects

How can architects learn from nature, with inspiration in function, form and new materials? How can the future of urban environments be led by biomimetic architecture? This session explores how designing biomimetic buildings can empower architects to influence the reversal of climate change.

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Day 12 |  Materials for the Future of Social Housing

Special Guests: Ken Johnson and Micah Land, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, and Erin Lindsay, Project Manager, EQUITONE

The Community First! Tiny Victories Village is a 51-acre master planned community, providing affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for men and women coming out of chronic homelessness in central Texas. Architects Ken Johnson and Micah Land presented the creative process behind this remarkable project, reflecting on how, by harnessing the right materials, architects can help to produce innovative social housing that truly serves its community.

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Day 13 | Unlogging Material Narratives in Architecture

Special Guest: Leslie Lok, Co-founder, HANNAH

Through HANNAH’s recent work on robotic timber fabrication and concrete 3D printing, Leslie Lok shares how digital fabrication technologies facilitate new material methods, tectonic articulations, environmental practices, technological affordances, and architecturally expressive forms of construction.

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Day 14 | Urban Sequoia: Absorbing Carbon Through New Materials and Technologies

Special Guest: Yasemin Kologlu, Principal, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, Sustainable Design & Climate Action Leader

Imagine if new buildings could help heal the planet. SOM has developed a prototype—the first step to achieving this goal—that can be built today. Taking inspiration from natural processes and ecosystems, Urban Sequoia envisions forests of buildings that create a new carbon-removal economy.

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Day 15 | 10 Predictions for the Future of Architecture

Special Guests: Wandile Mthiyane, CEO, Ubuntu Design Group & The Anti-Racist Hotdog

How cities might evolve over the next 50 years to combat mounting global challenges? How do individual buildings set new benchmarks for the wider profession? How will conventional construction materials be replaced by a new range of more sustainable, energy-efficient and resilient alternatives?

On the final day of Future Fest, Architizer’s Editor in Chief Paul Keskeys was joined by special guests to assess what comes next for the built environment — at every scale.

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