I Do, With a View: 7 Wedding Venues and Chapels For Architecture Enthusiasts

From modern to symbolic, these striking venues and chapels add a dazzling touch of design to the traditional matrimonial march.

Kalina Prelikj Kalina Prelikj

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As wedding season swings into full bloom, it’s not only florists and cake designers who get their moment in the spotlight; architects, put on your best black turtlenecks because you’re heading down the aisle, too!

Whether the sweet sound of “I do” will echo through a grand cathedral or be whispered in a quiet sunlit chapel is ultimately up to the happy couple. That being said, we can’t deny that architecture definitely sets the stage for these unforgettable moments. The venue can often steal the show, especially if architectural enthusiasts are in the crowd.

So whether you are planning your big day, about to work on a project within this specific typology, or just daydreaming about romance, prepare to get inspired by these seven venues and chapels that will make anyone fall in love at first sight. (This is the last pun… I hope).

The Levitated Curtain – Xi Hall

By SayArchitects, Guangzhou, China

The Xi Hall, also known as the Levitated Curtain, showcases a modern interpretation of traditional Chinese architecture. Inspired by the Wok Room from the Lingnan area, the hall features unique, wok-handle-shaped openings that integrate beautifully with the natural surroundings, creating an inviting space for weddings and events.

The hall’s signature feature, a floating roof that resembles draping curtains, adds a sense of lightness and openness, transforming the space into a serene, airy environment perfect for celebrations. Positioned strategically around the venue, this design element creates distinct zones for wedding ceremonies in the main hall and more intimate gatherings in adjacent areas. All in all, Xi Hall is an ideal location for those looking to celebrate in a space that honors the past while embracing modern innovation.

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel: A Wondrous, Sun-Dappled Chapel

By NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN, Hiroshima, Japan

Set in Hiroshima, the Power of Flower Chapel transforms a traditional Japanese aesthetic into a stunning wedding venue. Imagine saying your vows under a spectacular wooden dome, carved with delicate patterns reminiscent of a kimono. The dome, crafted from Japanese cypress, casts enchanting light patterns throughout the space, creating a magical forest-like atmosphere.

The chapel is designed to integrate with the hotel’s garden, using wooden lattice panels that blend the indoor space with the outdoors. This design choice not only enhances the chapel’s connection to nature but also serves as the hotel’s visual centerpiece, reflecting its commitment to celebrating Japanese artistry and craftsmanship.

Wedding Barn House

By MEEKO Architects, Mielec, Poland

Located in Rado Resort and surrounded by the forest, the Wedding Barn House is a perfect combination of old and new. The building looks like a classic barn but is built with modern materials like Siberian larch wood, making it fit beautifully with the woods around it. Big windows bring in lots of light and give great views of the forest, making nature a part of the wedding experience.

The venue can host up to 300 people and has a big banquet hall that can change for different events. The entrance is easy to spot thanks to sharp designs and bright colors that guide guests inside. Inside, the space feels close and cozy with exposed wooden beams and stone walls.

Rainbow Chapel

By Kubo Tsushima Architects, Tokyo, Japan

Located in Tokyo’s Ebisu district, the Ebisu Light Chapel is a beautifully renovated wedding hall that stands out with its minimalist yet striking design. Originally a lavish building from the economic bubble era, it’s been transformed to highlight the beauty of natural light.

Here’s the cool part: the windows high up are painted in different colors, so as sunlight passes through, it fills the chapel with soft rainbow colors. The oval walls have special ribs that catch this light, making colorful patterns that move and change throughout the day.

This chapel takes a unique approach by using light as its main decoration, creating a modern and meaningful space for weddings. It’s perfect for couples looking for something different, where the natural play of light adds a magical touch to their special day.

Ribbon Chapel

By Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP, Onomichi, Japan

The design of the Ribbon Chapel reflects the journey of marriage in every detail. The chapel features two intertwined spiral staircases that support each other without additional structures, symbolizing the strength and support found in marriage. As guests enter, they are drawn into a unique ceremonial experience where the bride and groom ascend from separate paths, meet at the summit to unite in marriage, and then walk down together, now joined as one.

With a path that extends 160 meters, the chapel amplifies the excitement and emotions of the wedding day, making it more than just a space but a memorable part of the couple’s new beginning together. Perfect for those who love the sea and dream of a wedding that combines nature with architectural creativity.

Nanjing Wanjing Garden Chapel

By AZL Architects, Nan Jing Chang Jiang Da Qiao, Nanjing Shi, China

Set along Nanjing’s Riverfront, the Wanjing Garden Chapel offers a unique place for weddings with its clean design and striking use of light. The chapel’s structure includes an octagonal hall surrounded by square walkways, using a simple yet dramatic V-shaped roof to draw light into the center, where it shines down like a spotlight.

The standout feature here is the colored windows around the top of the chapel. These windows tint the incoming sunlight, filling the space with a rainbow of colors that change throughout the day. This colorful light show not only brightens the chapel but also adds a layer of beauty and symbolism, making it a memorable spot for special ceremonies. It’s the perfect setting for couples looking for a modern wedding venue that captures the magic of light and architecture.

Shenzhen Futian Wedding Hall

By NODE Architecture & Urbanism, Shenzhen, China

Located in Xiangmi Park, this wedding registration office is a perfect mix of tradition and modern style, designed to make every couple’s big day special. The office has two main sections: a Chinese hall and a Western hall. The Chinese hall features a classic symmetrical design and a unique moon gate entrance, creating a traditional and welcoming space. The Western hall is sleek and pointed, symbolizing purity and adding a touch of elegance.

Both halls face beautiful lakes, providing stunning backdrops for ceremonies. Whether you’re walking down the aisle or just signing papers, this venue offers a memorable experience by combining scenic views with cultural elements.

Architizer is thrilled to announce the world' best architecture firms in 2024, all winners of the 12th Annual A+Awards! Stay up to date by subscribing to our A+Awards Newsletter. 

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