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Wanna see the most amazing purveyor of architecture on eBay? His name is ansky98, and he sells scale buildings for model train sets. These hobbyist replicas can be arranged into a village or town, and resemble the parts of an architectural model. Why are ansky98’s models the best? They are not just firehouses or schools, they are very accurate versions of chain stores, such as Sports Authority or Best Buy. If you’re a child of suburban pop culture, you will love these affordable gems.

You can purchase any of them for relatively low prices. If you are adventurous, you could build your next client or school model at “N Scale,” train-speak for 1:160. The smaller scale allows more stuff and longer tracks in a more compact space. For an architectural model, N Scale would be approximately 5/64″=1′-0″. Good luck!

Here are some of the wacky and wild things for sale on anksy98’s eBay page.

All images courtesy eBay seller ansky98.

Hampton Inn Hotel

Dominos Pizza Restaurant

Greyhound Bus Station

Hooters Restaurant

Lowes Home Improvement Store

Strip Mall Store Best Buy

Fuddruckers Restaurant

Strip Mall Store Guitar Center

Strip Mall Store Big Lots

Sports Authority Store

Taco Bell Restaurant

Subaru Car Dealership

Holiday Inn Hotel

In & Out Burger Restaurant

Red Roof Inn Hotel

Bonus: Solar Panel Set

Bonus: Suburban Propane Delivery Truck

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