In Memoriam: 10 Architectural Flights of Fancy from SkyMall

Matt Shaw Matt Shaw

Flying will never be the same again: SkyMall, the off-the-wall in-flight shopping catalog of things you don’t need, has filed for bankruptcy. It was the staple of long flights where you could find the wackiest products, like the Solafeet Foot Tanner or Hovertrax, a pair of Segway roller blades that you didn’t need, but you wanted. It is not clear if the retailer’s demise is the extension of America’s dying-mall crisis, just extended to the Sky(Mall), or if there was some kind of cultural shift away from ordering in-flight when you could wait until you were home and get it cheaper on Amazon.

Whatever the case way, SkyMall will be missed. In tribute to our lost boutique of the friendly skies, here are our favorite architectural products from SkyMall.

All images via SkyMall

Umbra Fish Hotel Fish Bowl

This fish bowl was modeled after a “contemporary condominium,” with sleek white walls and asymmetrical windows. Bonus: Multiple units can be stacked to create a condo complex, and you can be a fish landlord!

Empire State Building Statue

The American Architectural Association calls the Empire State Building the most beloved structure in America, and you can have your very own, cast in resin with a faux bronze finish. At over three feet tall, it is the perfect centerpiece of any room.

Life-Size Anubis Statue

Of all the Egyptian sculptures you could buy from SkyMall, this eight-foot tall Anubis will overtake them all. The muscular Grand Ruler of the Underworld comes complete with scepter and ankh, in faux ebony, gold, and silver.

Architectural Pet Dining Table

This aluminum table with a polished-nickel finish features stylish architectural lines that your pet will love, and it comes with stainless steel bowls for your Rover’s dining pleasure.

King Tut’s Egyptian Throne

It takes two weeks to make each of these full-scale replicas of King Tut’s throne. They are cast in resin and finished with gold leaf.

Architectural Votive Lanterns

Inspired by English architecture, the votives are not just styled with windows and fretwork, they have actual doors that can open, allowing you to place lights inside.

Golden Obelisk of Ancient Egypt Statue

Over two feet tall, this monument to the sun god Ra is inscribed with the names of the kings who commissioned it at Heliopolis. Again, resin and faux gold. And again, Ancient Egypt.

Faux Ivy Privacy Screens

This plastic ivy come attached to a net in 10-foot rolls. Put it in the hands of Herzog + de Meuron or Frank Gehry and see what happens, punk.

Restored Stonehenge Statue

See the ancient Druids’ astronomical calendar restored in all of its historically accurate glory. This resin sculpture is hand-painted to look real so you can have a small solstice festival in your basement.

Instant Removable Screen Door

Like hot chocolate, screen doors are best when they are instant. This magnetic, fiberglass mesh door is an elegant solution to all of your mosquito problems.

Eiffel Tower Architectural Metal Cabinet

This cabinet has a vintage feel, as its distressed lattice side panels curve upward, making a truncated Eiffel Tower, but with drawers. Eat your heart out, Shiro Kuramata.

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