Geometry Lesson: 9 Geometric Luminaires We Love Right Now

From a hypnotic wall sconce to a suspended, animated grid of OLED triangles, we present nine recent lighting products that deftly play with geometry.

Sheila Kim Sheila Kim

Axo Light: Framework
The square and rectangular “frames” of this series could pass for part of postmodernist geometric art installation on walls or ceilings whether powered on or off. The fixtures, which are mountable directly to the surface via legs or suspended via wires, are constructed from white painted aluminum with a transparent polycarbonate lens, hold LED or fluorescent lamping and come in three formats.

© Adam Mørk

© Adam Mørk

Axo Light

Bolia: Stamp
Design studio Outofstock conceived this disc-bisecting-a-cone pendant with a heat-molded felt body that holds a white blown-glass diffuser, the latter of which “completes” the disc’s edge at the bottom. Viewed head-on, the pendant looks like a flat piece of felt with a glowing tip. Available in Grey, it measures 21 centimeters in diameter.


CSL: Hex LED Wall Mount
On its own or grouped to form honeycomb-like patterns, the Hex LED Wall Mount is a people-pleaser with its simple concentric shape and flash of contrasting color painted on the rim interior. The fixture consists of a stamped aluminum housing with a molded acrylic lens and comes in a small (8 inches long and wide by 3.5 deep) and large (14 inches long and wide by 3.5 inches deep) size. It’s available in a choice of 21 colors ranging from Agean Blue and Tangerine to Burnished Bronze and Semi Gloss White.


Flos: Superloon
Light seems to emanate out of nowhere from the thin, flat disc of the Superloon floor lamp designed by Jasper Morrison. In actuality, a ring of LEDs inside projects the light outward toward the perimeter edge, spreading across the translucent white lens. Morrison designed the disc to sit on a gyroscopic axis to aim the light in any direction much like an old-school movie-set spotlight — sans the messy cables. The single power cord in fact is concealed in one of the tripod legs and then funneled into the axis. The LEDs dim to warm white light for a more natural, sunset-like ambience, and the lamp comes in black, white or chrome, the latter of which doubles as a nifty floor-standing mirror.


Frederik Roijé: Sliced Sphere
Although the concept is quite simple, there’s something alarming and disarming (in a good way) about seeing a sliver of light peek through the slice of this spherical pendant. Perhaps, at least when viewed on the slice side, it creates suspense of an object about to split open from being cut in half on the bias. The 30-centimeter-diameter steel sphere can be powder-coated on the exterior in Dark Grey, White, Copper Green, Brick Brown, Metal Blue or a special Gold hue.

Frederik Roijé

Gabriel Scott: Welles Glass Pendants
Not quite an icosahedron, but almost, the blown-alabaster-glass diffusers of this chandelier create, at once, both an elegant and playful linear cluster. As the diffusers are gem-like in form, the metal hardware connecting each was designed to reference prong settings in blackened steel, polished brass, polished copper or polished nickel. Each “gem” houses an LED bulb.

Gabriel Scott

Kinetic Lights: OLED Triangle
Developed with Philips Lumiblade, the OLED Triangle suspension fixture consists of a triangular aluminum frame holding 36 smaller triangles made of ultra-thin glass OLEDs. The individual light modules can be DMX controlled to create various light patterns or animations.

Kinetic Lights

Marset: Concentric
Designed by Rob Zinn, this hypnotic wall light evokes imagery of a certain talking computer in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” But we won’t hold that against Marset. After all, it’s still a stunning luminaire that looks like a piece of wall art whether powered on or off. Concentric is composed of circular white panels layered small to large from front to back. When switched on, light bounces off of the hues on the panel backs to create a dramatic color effect.


Sonneman – A Way of Light: Corona
Corona is a very clean and crisp ring-shaped pendant that comes in four formats (6-, 16-, 24- or 32-inch diameter), but combine multiples and in varying sizes and it creates a dynamic chandelier-like aesthetic, as demonstrated in Gensler’s design for developer Brookfield Residential in Costa Mesa, California. Its frame comes in bright satin aluminum or satin black and holds a frosted acrylic lens.

Sonneman – A Way of Light

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