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Red-Hot Designs: 7 Striking Fireplaces for Minimalist Residences

Categorized into freestanding, floating and in-wall fireplaces, the following collection includes seven stunning fireplaces that will act as visual anchors within any cabin or home.

Jennifer Geleff Jennifer Geleff

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In choosing a modern fireplace, the first question that will guide your design choices will be: gas or wood burning? Gas is advantageous as a clean source of heat that may be conveniently concealed behind glass doors. However, if you already have the infrastructure and masonry to facilitate a wood burning fireplace, wood stands as an eco-friendly choice that will provide an incomparable natural ambience.

Categorized into freestanding, floating and in-wall fireplaces, the following collection includes seven stunning fireplaces — both wood and gas burning — that act as transfixing centerpieces within Minimalist cabins or homes.

Freestanding Fireplaces

Cabin at Norderhovby AtelierOslo, Hønefoss, Norway

Meijifocus, Gas Burning Fireplace by Focus Creation

This remarkable fireplace by Focus Creation sits on an elevated platform at the center of the Cabin at Norderhov, providing the space with an intimate campfire feel. In this project, the gas burning fireplace is installed directly on the floor, however the model can also be mounted on a base of black steel or masonry, thus challenging traditional interpretations of the fireplace’s hearth. Five curved glass panels act as the fireguard, which allow full transparency and views of the flames within.

House Y by Arkkitehtitoimisto Teemu Pirinen, Iisalmi, Finland

Wood Burning Fireplace by Spartherm

Perfect for creating a site of comfort within an open-layout plan, this free-standing fireplace acts as a visual anchor and “traditional focal point” in the center of House Y. The fireplace by Spartherm features an offset chimney, which gives the design a unique asymmetrical geometry, and helps provide the interior spatial flow that the clients set out to create.

Villa Kettukallio by Playa Architects, Hirvensalmi, Finland

Wood Burning Fireplace by Rais

While Rais typically specializes in outdoor steel fireplaces, for Villa Kettukallio, the manufacturers created two stunning indoor fireplaces that are located in the home’s main quarters. The house is split by an atrium yard and a covered terrace, housing the bedrooms on one side and a living area on the other. To enhance the rustic feel, the architects chose to leave the majority of interior surfaces untreated, employing various types of domestic wood such as birch, pine and common alder.

Floating Fireplaces

Villa in Frydava by Uhlik Architekti, Frymburk, Czech Republic

Bathyscafocus Hublot, Gas Burning Fireplace by Focus Creation

This project by Uhlik Architekti features a spherical suspended fireplace that resembles a mysterious porthole. Manufactured by Focus Creation, the design is advantageous for its entirely closed wall system, while still creating a flame that is completely visible. At Villa in Frydaca, the fireplace is centrally located within a glazed open living space, which is completely exposed to the sun and panoramic views.

Cabin Geilo by Lund Hagem, Norway

While Cabin Geilo also features a suspended fireplace that floats above one’s feet, Lung Hagem chose an oblong form over a spherical one. Situated 3220 feet above sea level, this cabin experiences extremely harsh winter conditions and heavy snowfall. With a dark interior composed of black concrete floors and oak treated with iron sulphate, the hanging fireplace and skylight serve as an additional source of light within the home.

In-Wall Fireplaces

MP apartment by Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti, Valcanover, Italy

Diamond Corner Stove, Gas Burning Fireplace by M-Design

For this project, Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti created an interior spatial layout that is concentrated around a single piece of architecture. MP apartment features an in-wall fireplace that simultaneously functions as a room-divider and central storage unit and piece of furniture. The fireplace is bound by two glazed walls, which mean that the flame may be viewed and felt from multiple angles.

The Attic by f+f architectes, Strasbourg, France

Wood Burning Fireplace by Stuv

The Attic by f+f architectes is notable for its restrained material palette, which includes natural wood flooring and black MDF cabinetry that was dyed en masse for the fixed cabinetry. The upper floor of the attic is organized with a kitchen on one side and a living room on the other. The living room features a built-in fireplace by Stuv, which is flanked by concealed storage and a bar.

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