Le Corbusier’s Architectural Philosophy, Animated

This beautiful animation takes us through the basics of Le Corbusier’s principles, including a few of his projects.

Alex Garkavenko Alex Garkavenko

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Le Corbusier: Whether you agree with his principles or fume at them, his influence on contemporary architecture cannot be overemphasized. His obsession with the industrial, such as urban plans that featured the automobile, made him one of the pioneers of modern architectural history.

Even now, his philosophy is part of every architect’s basic education and his style is referenced in countless designs. Brush up on your knowledge of the “modernist man” with Le Corbusier 2.0 by Alix Bossard. This beautiful animation takes us through the basics of Le Corbusier’s design philosophy, including a few of his projects — and the French narration really helps bring out the romantic side of Modernism!

The video touches on Corbusier’s “Five Points of Architecture,” which reads as such:

1. Lift The Building Over Pilotis. The ground floor of the house, like the street, belongs to the automobile. Therefore housing is raised on pilotis to allow the vehicle’s movement or the green continuity.

2. Free Designing Of The Ground Plan. A building floor plan should be free from structural condition, so partitions can be organized in any way.

3. The Free Façade. The structure separates from the façade, relieving it of its structural function.

4. The Horizontal Window. The façade can be cut along its entire length to allow room to be lit equally.

5. The Roof Garden. A building should give back the space it takes up on the ground by replacing it with a garden in the sky.

The following video by Andrea Sting of OMBÚ Architecture really delves into the “Five Points,” illustrating each idea with renderings of the Villa Savoye, arguably the best example of Le Corbusier’s philosophy.

For more on Corbusier’s legacy, check out this photo series of Corbu in India, these recently uncovered color photos, and this piece exploring the future of his famous urban planning project, Chandigarh.

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