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5 Bold, Minimalist Beachside Homes in Australia

Many of Australia’s waterfront residences are on-par with the quality of its stunning beaches.

Georgia Hough Georgia Hough

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Australia is known for its coastline, one that can be lush and inviting while equally rugged and grandiose. With over 16,000 miles of coastline, it’s hardly a surprise that the country with the world’s best beaches has yielded some of the most beautiful beachside residences.

Consistently playing an important role in Australia’s architectural evolution, the continent’s topography and climate have guided its architecture to adopt robust and smart design. The incorporation of sturdy materials like iron, treated wood and concrete have become commonplace in modern homes, resulting in sleek designs that draw from a variety of international styles. There are a number of standout examples from the Architizer database, each of which illustrate the beauty of simplicity along the coastline of Oz:

Mermaid Beach Residence by B.E. Architecture, Gold Coast, Australia

The waterfront views in this home are about as good as they’ll get. The treated wood which sits alongside the stark concrete allow the home to feel sturdy against the elements, yet comfortable as a family home. The structure has been designed around a central, protected courtyard intended to shield the pool and outdoor space from heavy ocean winds.

Palm Beach Project by Alexander and Co., Palm Beach, Australia

The Palm Beach project seems to be the physical representation of sophistication meeting seaside escape. Only an hour north of Sydney, Palm Beach has long been the go-to location for Sydney-siders to escape to throughout the year. The hoe as a whole embodies typical Australian characteristics, while the particular attention to detail throughout the indoor and outdoor space give this sleek home added interest.

Gerroa House by BOURNE + BLUE ARCHITECTURE, Gerroa, Australia

The beachside town of Gerroa finds its heart through its proximity to Seven Mile Beach — on full display in the home’s rear panoramic view. The long, clean lines of the courtyard bring the eye towards the main living space and allow the owners to take full advantage of their vantage point over the ocean. Increasingly common in Australian Architecture, particular attention was paid to sustainable living practices. Hot water pump technology, thermal mass building materials and rainwater harvesting systems were all incorporated into the Gerroa House.

Blairgowrie Beach House by DX Architects, Victoria, Australia

The pale timber and iron detailing set against a canopy of trees gives the Blairgowrie Beach House a distinctly Australian feel. Situated on the Mornington Peninsula outside of Melbourne, the project expanded the living and bedrooms in the home.

Sorrento Beach House by AM Architecture, Sorrento, Australia

Situated on Victoria’s first settlement site dated back to 1803, Sorrento Beach House sits in stark comparison to the soft seaside landscape it looks over. Much like the Mermaid Beach Residence, the warm wood tones offset the hard lines of iron and concrete. The large transitional doors shield the home from the unpredictable weather which is characteristic of the area and the rooftop provides a prime and private sunbathing spot.

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