8 Architectural Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram

From abandoned interiors to pastel palettes to environmental awareness, this list demonstrates how personal aesthetics create a powerful portfolio.

Francesca Mercurio Francesca Mercurio

Judging is now underway for Architizer’s 3rd Annual One Photo Challenge. We've narrowed down the entries to reveal the Top 100 Finalists. Stay tuned for the Winners' announcement in mid-August! 

Architectural photography holds the power to capture fabricated structures and convey a story, sentiment and idea about the design. Architectural photographers are tasked with capturing an accurate representation of a structure while also presenting the project in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Oftentimes, architectural photographers go on to add their own unique flair and charm in the hopes of highlighting the beauty of an edifice.

Listed below are eight astounding architectural photographers who have mastered the art of translating 3D spaces onto our screens. Some have more established practices while other photographers flourish on social media. Nonetheless, all eight photographers display a distinctive aesthetic and subject matter when it comes to capturing both interior and exterior spaces.

Tekla Evelina Severin

Interior architect, furniture expert and colorist Tekla Evelina Severin explores color in architecture, landscape and everyday objects. Known for her distinguished use of color, Severin’s social media offers an eye-catching and relatively cheerful portfolio of architectural photography. Severin has worked with a diverse range of clients, such as IKEA, Levi’s and Air France. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions across the globe, including in Buenos Aires, Reykjavik and New York. All in all, Severin’s spirited and colorful social media is worth the browse.

Karina Castro

Karina Castro is a Portuguese-born, Milan-residing photographer and visual artist whose focus is capturing the intersection of architecture, politics and the environment. Her work has been published and shown internationally in numerous exhibitions, books and magazines. Castro is also a visual researcher and has collaborated on research projects with architects and institutions. For example, one of her more recent projects explores the Anthropocene epoch in which humans are currently existing. Castro’s work is equally eye-catching as it is environmentally significant and educational.

Matthias Haker

Haker is a freelance and fine art photographer based in Berlin. His images are often void of human life as he tends to capture abandoned structures. Haker’s social media offers an array of richly hued and saturated images of abandoned interiors. He sees beauty in unoccupied spaces, and such beauty is heavily felt in his photography. Haker never discloses the location of his photographs that capture decaying architecture and does so to help prevent vandalism. Haker takes the anonymity of his decaying photographs seriously and actively deletes any comments that may expose the location of an image. Haker’s unique subject matter mixed with his perspective-heavy and colorful photography makes for an enjoyable Instagram stalk.

Noah Kalina

Kalina is a New-York based architectural photographer and artist who has accumulated quite an impressive client list — Google, MoMa and Morgan Stanley to name a few. Known for his exploration of the passage of time, his social media portfolio displays a rather emotional and subliminal aesthetic. His photography often captures a unique time of day, whether it be the evening, a foggy day, or bright morning light, it’s hard to browse his social media and not have an emotional response.

Clemente Vergara

Vergara is a Barcelona-based architecture and travel photographer. His works often display pronounced form, color and the ability to transport the viewer into the space. There is often a strong use of geometrics and shadows in his photography and the result is a highly aestheticized and captivating image. His travel photography has taken him across the globe — to Morocco, Turkey and Casamance — where he captures images of culturally-specific architectural works. For the travel lover, Clemente Vergara’s Instagram is a necessary following.

Marta Ferreira

Marta Ferreira is a Lisbon-bared architectural photographer whose social media portfolio is extensive and aesthetically pronounced. Her work balances minimalist principles with enough detail and color that adds context to the composition. Her Instagram profile is beautifully curated and balances both architectural photographs with everyday imagery.

Alastair Philip Wiper

Based in Copenhagen, this British photographer explores industrial architecture. His photographs take the viewer to industrial sites and highlight the strong forms and lines of such spaces. Through his photography, Wiper has a great ability to bring life and color to typically sterile industrial spaces. He has worked for brands such as Google and Nikon and has been featured in numerous exhibitions, publications and collections internationally. He has taken part in several exhibitions in the past year, which are located in Denmark, London and Liverpool.

Helin Bereket

Originally from Istanbul, Helin Bereket is a freelance photographer based in Berlin. Her works lie somewhere between architecture photography and art and exhibit a strong feeling of movement. Her successful social media account has led her to work with brands in managing their social media presence. Her architectural photographs often include the human form, which aids in scaling the structure as well as bringing a sense of life and movement to the edifice.

All eight photographers successfully demonstrate how a distinctive photographic style mixed with a perfectly-captured shot can elevate one’s understanding and appreciation for an architectural design.

Judging is now underway for Architizer’s 3rd Annual One Photo Challenge. We've narrowed down the entries to reveal the Top 100 Finalists. Stay tuned for the Winners' announcement in mid-August! 

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