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We launched Source to create the best platform to connect with Architects & Designers. One piece of feedback we received from building product manufacturers was that they’d love to have a central place to see everything they have engaged with, and see the progress on how those relationships have evolved. That is why we have put a new focus on communication within Source. This release was designed specifically to help bring Source closer to your existing sales process. We made it easier to follow up on top leads, help you stay in front of great projects and win new business.

We are proud to help take Source from a place to receive leads and transform it into a true tool for developing and nurturing business relationships.

Feature Overview

When you log into your account, you’ll see your Opportunities feed with any new searches from architects on top.

The Feed

Click on an Opportunity for more details into that specific Product search. In this example, an architect is searching for black honed granite.

The Response

After submitting your product, you’ll be taken to your new Leads page.

The Message

In this screen, all the Product Searches that you have responded to will show up as an active Lead. By selecting the Product Search, you’ll be able to see all activity for that submission.

In this example:

  1. A brand sent the Product (“Absolutely Black Granite”) to the architect.
  2. The architect then shortlisted the Product.
  3. The architect contacted the brand in the chat window to request samples.
  4. The brand responded asking if the architect would like to see another version of their Product.

If your Product is dismissed, or you’d like to send another Product, you can now do that in this same chat window by clicking “Send Product.”

The Updated Response

The new Product now shows up, again, in the same chat.

As you respond to more Leads, they will appear in this window on the left hand side, allowing you to seamlessly move from Lead to Lead, and easily see what activity has taken place with each one.

The Updated Message

From this window, you can also select “Opportunities” to move back to the Opportunities Feed.

Getting in touch directly with Architects and Designers should be easier. Thanks to your feedback, we have redesigned Source to put the focus on communicating and following up. We want to give you the best tool to respond to leads and follow up & win business.

Browse open opportunties.

Top image: Harbin Opera House by MAD Architects; image © Adam Monk, courtesy of the architects

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