Why Architects Should Keep On Searching

The true potential of Architizer’s marketplace is unlocked by searching for building-products continuously over time.

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It’s been an exciting year at Architizer, with more than 200 major architecture firms now searching for building-products and materials through our growing marketplace. The platform is perfect for finding those elusive architectural elements that make a project unique, as well as offering an efficient way to connect with the best manufacturers for a job.

The true potential of Architizer, though, is only unlocked by searching for building-products continuously over time. With a specialized search engine that learns and improves its accuracy over time, the real power of the platform to alleviate an architect’s workflow comes through repeat usage. So, how exactly can continual searching benefit you and your teammates?

Architizer as Organizational Tool

Architizer helps keep all your firm’s product information organized in one convenient place. The more searches you create, the more useful the platform becomes for your entire team. Using Architizer, you can:

  • Review product options side-by-side, comparing aesthetics and performance to make specifying decisions more quickly.
  • Keep an evergreen record of past product options, building a comprehensive material library that is always available online.
  • Easily share product information with other members of your design team.

With images given center stage, Architizer is also perfect for presenting multiple product options to both teammates and clients in the studio.

We Can Find Anything

Challenge us! Architizer has been used to identify all manner of architectural products, some of which might take days or even weeks to find using conventional methods. Of the thousands of products and materials architects have searched for during the past year, some of the more unusual highlights include:

  • A car elevator for a city building
  • A doggy door for a private residence
  • Bullet proof glass for a police station’s windows
  • Tiger urine resistant flooring for a zoo enclosure (yes, really!)

Thanks to Architizer’s in-house material specialists, a search can also help you answer specific questions relating to building-products, such as “What brands make this?”, “Is there a similar product with a better price”, or “Does this product even exist?”

We Take Up Zero Shelf Space

Say goodbye to that closet full of samples, and hello to the cloud!

Most architects will be familiar with the ever-expanding materials library, where stacks of discarded sample boxes collect dust on shelves at the back of the office. Fortunately, Architizer allows you to search for and review all your products online, including close up imagery and in-depth information to help you in your initial research. This enables you to narrow things down, so you need only request the samples for those that you are seriously considering.

As well as reducing clutter around your office, it is also beneficial to request samples all from one website. Using Architizer means you can finally close those 37 tabs in Chrome and focus on what matters — selecting the best product for your project.

The Power of Knowledge Sharing

Architizer appreciates architects that search more and more, because this information helps us continually improve the platform. The more queries you put into the system, the smarter it becomes. The collective input of architects helps Architizer build a search engine that understands the unique vocabulary of the profession, harnessing this to serve up progressively more accurate product options.

With your help, Architizer is building an invaluable tool for the future, one that transforms the specification process into a fun, informative and even inspirational experience.

If you have any feedback on the search process, we’d love to hear from you! Contact your Architizer account manager, or email the team at firms@architizer.com. For more information about creating searches and responding to manufacturers, check out the Architizer Help Center.

In the meantime, search for every material and product needed for your next project — and Architizer will do the rest!

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