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Introducing the Architizer Journal for Architects

Architizer Journal: An indispensable resource to help architects choose the right materials and building-products.

Architizer Editors Architizer Editors

At Architizer, our goal has always been to challenge architecture’s status quo in order to catalyze a better, more connected industry. That’s why, over the past few months, we have focused our content in order to do something that no one else has ever done — we have moved beyond media to create evergreen resources that will help architects detail, specify and ultimately create better buildings.

To reflect this shift, we are excited to present the Architizer Journal: a completely revamped online publication that will host the industry’s freshest, most knowledgeable voice on world-class architecture and the materials that make it possible. With a streamlined design, optimized navigation tools and clear categorization, the Architizer Journal is a place where architects can explore a wealth of resources, all designed to help you make smarter decisions when selecting building-products for your projects.

Architizer Journal Homepage

Here’s a quick rundown of the Architizer Journal’s standout features, which we have built to help architects learn more, faster:

A Beautiful Layout

Appreciating that architects are extremely visual people, we have optimized our layout to create a clean, modern user experience. With a completely new design, the Architizer Journal prioritizes features that will help architects quickly surface useful information. Once you arrive at a resource of interest, the new layout presents you with information in an uncluttered format, facilitating a rich learning experience.

Faster Performance

Not only are architects visual people, but they busy people who are constantly pressed for time. That’s why we have created the Architizer Journal with faster load times and improved search engine optimization. This will help you find the information and inspiration you’re looking for — in no time.

Better Navigation

We understand that architects need specific information on specialized building methods and materials for each project. For this reason, we have streamlined our site navigation, making it easier to find resources that are precisely suited for you and your present needs. The navigation toolbar — including “Practice”, “Inspiration” and “Inside Architizer” — will allow you to quickly jump to exactly where you need to be. Within these 3 main sections, the content is split into subcategories are as follows:


  • Details: Tips and tricks to help you specify the right building-products and design better buildings.
  • Tools: Reports on the latest trends in the architecture studio, and guides to help you perfect your workflow.
  • Materials: Features revealing the design and development of the world’s most innovative building-products.


  • Stories: In-depth case studies on amazing architecture and the building-products that helped make it a reality.
  • Collections: Curated lists of the best new building-products, materials and design solutions to inspire your next project.
  • Industry: Reports on the latest and greatest from the architecture and building-product industries.

Inside Architizer

  • Updates: New improvements to the platform and all the other information you need to know.
  • Pro Tips: Top tips and in-depth guides to help you get the most out of Architizer.
  • Architizer HQ: Behind-the-scenes stories from the Architizer office.

More Learning Opportunities

Enhanced navigation will also lead to a more contextualized learning experience. At the foot of each article, readers can browse “Related Articles” and learn more about the Brands, Projects and Firms that are associated with each piece of content. Navigating from one resource to the next, you will emerge armed with an incredible breadth of knowledge to inform your next search for materials and building-products.

product guide

Product Guides

Last but not least, we have allocated a special tab for our evergreen Product Guides. Centered around a single building-product or material, these guides are the definitive resource, whenever you are looking to deep dive into a single building-product or material. Providing everything you need to know — from detailing guides to visual inspiration — these are every architect’s home base for project research.

If you have any questions about the new Architizer Journal or any feedback on the new layout, we’d love to hear from you! Contact your Architizer account manager, or email the team at

In the meantime, explore the new site, upload your latest architectural projects and begin connecting with the world’s best building-product manufacturers!

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