Call for Entries: “The Challenge of Tomorrow” ArchViz Competition

Design and visualize the architecture of tomorrow within the context of the Hudson Yards, New York.

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Ronen Bekerman is an industry leader in Architectural Visualization who hosts in-depth tutorials on his specialist blog. Architizer is pleased to present a selection of these guides, written by some of the world’s best rendering artists.

Welcome to Tomorrow! This time I’m blending the 4th TMRW with the 8th Architectural Visualization Challenge on the Ronen Bekerman Architectural Visualization Blog, with the help of Autodesk and Enscape as main sponsors this time around. The field of architectural visualization is a striking blend between the pursuit of photorealism and the desire to tell a story that will move the viewer, creating something artistic, inspiring, and entirely new.

ArchViz studio TMRW has recently opened a new office in NYC, and this is our trigger for the Challenge location context. Focusing on Manhattan, We’ve picked The Hudson Yards as it is where the latest, highest, and most interesting architecture is being built. As always, I do this Challenge to spark innovation, raise the quality standards, and motivate our field to be better. With TMRW as a partner on this one, we’re also looking for their potential next star 3d artist.

Enter the Competition

Competition Brief

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design and visualize the architecture of tomorrow within the context of the Hudson Yards location in NYC. You can use any software you like to create your entry for this Challenge and enter any category you want. Tomorrow offers you lots of freedom in terms of your concept.

I’m not providing you with a specific model as I did in past challenges, but there is a context massing model you can use to get started. Don’t panic! There are no wrong answers to this one. Your design will showcase the architecture of tomorrow, but try to avoid the obvious far into the future Sci-Fi treatment. It is 2020, so let’s add it up 20+20=40 and show us what will Hudson Yards offers us in 2040.

At this point, I usually state that your entry will be judged according to overall accepted standards of architectural visualization. This time around, you have a chance to set some new standards! We’ll be looking at your concept, story, lighting, materials, 3d modeling, technical skill, emotive qualities, and participation on the blog showcasing your progress, as well as offering feedback to other challengers.

The winners will be chosen by a group of expert judges from various fields. I encourage all followers of the blog, as well as newcomers, to take part in this Challenge. Great prizes aside, and a potential placement at TMRW, this is a fantastic opportunity to explore new territory and shape the way ArchVIZ is going to be done in the near future.

Click here to read more about the competition and download press kits and context massing models.

Competition Jury

The winners will be chosen by leading artists from the architectural visualization field. People you know, and that are an inspiration to us all. Your entry will be judged based on categories such as concept, story, lighting, materials, 3d modeling, technical skill, emotive qualities, and participation on the blog showcasing your progress as well as offering feedback to fellow challengers.

The Jury Panel:

And the Hosts as well:

  • Andreas Landgren – Founder and president of Tomorrow.
  • Ronen Bekerman – Director and Co-Founder, The Craft.

About Ronen Bekerman

With more than 18 years of professional experience as a 3d visualization artist in the Architectural Visualization Industry, Ronen has managed The Craft since 2015, creating still images, animation and VR experiences for clients all around the world. Ronen worked for three years as a 3d design specialist at the leading Israeli firm Chyutin Architects, alongside his architecture studies at the Tel Aviv University. In 2005, Ronen founded Polytown Media and focused on the process of visualizing architecture ever since.

In 2009, Ronen founded the popular ArchVIZ Blog at and running it ever since, providing a place for the ArchVIZ community to share, learn, grow and also participate in challenges such as this one. Ronen is also a member of the SOA advisory board and a member of the Jury for the Architizer A+Awards.

About Tomorrow AB

Tomorrow AB was founded in 2006 by Andreas Landgren and Mattias Henningsson. The purpose then was to promote unbuilt architecture by high-end imagery and engaging storytelling. Over a decade and 3000+ projects later, Tomorrow has grown into a global brand that develops visual strategies and visual communication for some of the most significant and most important projects of our time.

Tomorrow is driven by a shared purpose – To make a better world through design, communication, and innovation. We are supportive, elite, but not elitist, inventive and artistic, and welcoming to talented people regardless of where they come from.

Enter the Competition

Top image: Visualization of the Hudson Yards development with the KPF-designed supertall 30 Hudson Yards tower in the foreground. Image by KPF

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